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Hi Guys,

Now I'm getting old and crotchety, I would like to move home to be nearer my Daughter, but I don't know how to do it?

I only have a State pension and no savings. Does anyone know of any organisations that can help you to move under those circumstances? I know it will be very stressful as I have the animals to move as well, so I don't need to have the financial worry on top of it all. I'm in a council property so nothing to sell (been there, done that) so just a straight swap. XX

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  • Hi Nikkers every council Has a list on their data base. Think it is called Home swappers. You have to register your interest, what you want, and the search engine should bring up all the properties, like for like.

    Other than tat give your council a call, and ask for info. Best of luck.xxxx

  • I know all that Rockett and I have been offered the place that I want, but I just don't know how to get around the financial side of it? Thanks anyway. X

  • you should give your council a call and tell the your situation..........the council here pay for all removal costs if your moving because your home isnt suitable for health reasons and yours would know any information you would need

    or you could try ringing age concern ....sorry i cant be much more help as im not sure how it works with pensioners but im sure there is help x

  • Thanks Mandy. I haven't actually rang anyone yet but I'll give it a try. Trouble is, it's not for health reasons (I live in an ideal place for my health) I just have no family here and getting a bit long in the tooth, I'd like to be nearer them. X

  • there will be help for you just make some much distance is there between you

  • It's about 82 miles Mandy.

  • you only need a van and a few people

    .....the easiest way would be for your daughter to stay with you a couple of days to pack then someone to hire a van where your daughter is and drive to you pack you up and empty the van in new place could also ring adult social services and see if they could help x

  • Thing is Mandy, the new place is only halfway nearer to my Daughter! But even that would make it possible for us to meet more often. I don't know "a few people" that would be likely to help with packing - not non gratis, anyway. Thanks for your advise. x

  • im sure your daughter knows a few people though honey..we moved our mum that way ..have a chat with her about it

  • Good luck! If you find any help would you let me know as I think I might have to move in the future and I am on my own. Cheers! :)

  • I will Louisiana, If I do it, I'll put it on here and tell you how I did it, but at the moment I can't see it happening. Apart from the financial side (which is my main worry) I have no one that will be able to help me with the packing and everything. Anyway, who knows? Stranger things happen! X

  • these guys help you choose a property to your health and wealth status and they did offer help with moving if it was on health grounds as it is with right move all property goes into a pool you sign up making your wishes know (ie say ground floor flat or 1 or 2 bed bungalow) and area. Daily you are sent alerts to property that fits your needs.

  • Thanx Ant, I already found a place, it's just help with the move that I need! X

  • Have you tried asking the Citizens Advice Bureau ...they may know of an organisation that may help such as the Lions or the Red Cross. Best wishes

  • Yes thank you Knitter. I have been on the 'phone for hours today getting passed back and forth. But all roads appear to lead to the CAB so I shall pay them a visit next week. X

  • Our council do a swap service so why not just explain what you want and get them to help the older person. My County Council actually have a older person team/department and I got a very good reasonable gardener to break the back on the weeds so we could manage it until the next year.

    Good luck and be well

  • You have to be kidding offcut. My council will do absolutely zilch for anyone - young or old. I have to pay my next door neighbour to do my garden, because if I don't keep it tidy I'll get a rollicking from my landlord - which incidentally are themselves! Duh!

  • My daughter lives up north 4 hours away thank God I love her to bits but I would not move to be near her she drives me mad, my granddaughter is 7 months old I see her every day on Skype my daughter puts her in her cot in front of the PC I do nursery rhymes while my daughter cleans the bathroom.

    I would contact your local council or look them up on your computer they might have a services section or try age concern

  • Onamission. You should read my last message . Been, there, done that, got the t-shirt. Thanx anyway. X

  • Hi there, havnt been on for a few days but hope I can help, I went to my local housing office and was referred to Accessable Housing. I had to fill in a few forms and provide medical evidance of my illness but they were wonderful. I had quite a few offers before I accepted the home im in now wich through this scheme has a stair lift, wet room and other adaptations. Its worth giving it a go, go online and have a look and good luck. Xxx oh and all in all it took 6 months!

  • Thanks McNally. I don't need to move because of my health. I do have manky lungs, but the rest of me works ok- I think? I would like to live nearer my Daughter, that's all. If you see my last message, you will see that my housing officer was as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. I definitely don't want an adapted place anyway. Than you for trying to help. X

  • hi

    I think also as you have copd/emphysema and wish to be near your daughter then under medical health grounds the council should be able to award points and also do a section 21 I think it is to another council if the case to help house you !

    also a letter of support from the doctor and so on will help a long way as I moved on medical grounds from a top floor to a ground floor due to my emphysema and I was awarded medical priority from the council.

    also phone and ask shelter to help as there fantastic or if age is a matter then help the aged although im 46 so I didn't get help from them.

    im thinking but not 100% sure that with you being on benefits and due to health you may get a grant/loan to help as it is medical related really.

    good luck I hope you will update us on the outcome !


  • Thanks for that Roger. Yes, I can get a "crisis" loan, but that's about it, then I'll have to pay it back - obviously! They did used to have certain funds for situations like this, but I've been to the C.A.B and they've told me that they don't exist anymore.

    At the moment moving is on hold as there's a problem with some idiot trying to lay claim to 3/4 of mine and my neighbours garden which we've had for 21 years! In fairness, I cannot exchange and let the incoming person have to deal with all this. I'll post if/when I move. XX

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