my good doc

two weeks ago i had to use my rescue pack,but the last few days i`ve been feeling grotty and well puffticated, but this morning i could hardly breathe,i rang the docs, the usual answer no appointments,

so i told receptionist to let him know i had started my rescue pack again, 10mins later my doc is on the phone to me even over the phone he could hear how bad my breathing was , told me to go straight to the surgery, put me on a nebuliser in an exam room and carried on seeing his patients, popping in to see me between each one.

he has now loaned me a nebuliser for a few days , and go to see him next week. why i have posted this, is because i have read some posts where people are getting awful service from their doc, i think mine is great

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  • thats a nice change but i have open access to my surgery so always get an appointment the same day becuase we can get ill so fast so i would suggest you asking if you can have that too

  • i will have to look into that

  • you most definitely should in fact i will do a post because there are a lot of people on here who probably dont know about open access

  • Look forward to your post Mandy - my surgery is pretty good, i can get an appointment by calling at 8am, but as I'm not far i often go round and queue. I can get a phone appointment any time i need it, and would get asked to come in if necessary.

    There's also a walk-in everyday between 8-11am for symptoms which are new.

    But I've never heard of open access.

  • Hi whit, sorry that ur still poorly but glad ur doc is on the ball with u. Hope u feel better soon. Take care x Sonia x

  • Sorry you had to go through that! It must have been really scary.....last year I was in a dreadful mess, but my surgery immediately give me an appt the moment I say I have COPD...I think they keep a list of us sufferers - I am beginning to realise how very lucky I am. Hope you are feeling much better. :)

  • well that nebuliser sure helps , i will use it over the weekend (it might cure me , that would be something eh!!)

  • That's great that your doctor actually did something for you. What did he put in the nebuliser ? Ventolin ? Combivent ?

  • ventolin, and i have 80 capsules at home with me now: i hope i don`t need that lot

  • I hope so too :) But great that you're feeling better on it. Maybe you should get a nebuliser.

  • i have just talked that over with my wife ,and i will ask the doc about it, i have looked on the inter net and the one he has loaned me vary from £99to £120 : if he says i need one i will definitely get one

  • Can you not get one on prescription as we do here in Spain. My Bipap is also on prescription.

  • i thought i had replied to this ,but i will say again ,from what i have heard you cannot get them on prescription, you can get the capsules for them though

  • What fabulous service.

    Love "puffticated" - definitely going in my "exasperations" dictionary!! :D

  • Hi I have just got a nebuliser from lidle for 20 pounds it is just as good as the one I paid 100 ponds for at loads chemist you will more than likely need one I have used mine for years would not be without it good luck in getting one

  • i will look in there to see if they have them

  • Hello Whit,I have my nebuliser on loan from my hospital,they service/change it every year.It has helped me avoid a few trips to a&e .good luck! D.

  • i will have to see if i can get one

  • i can`t seem to get one on loan , but my doc is more worried that if i do get one where would i get it serviced , also he thinks i may try and by pass him and just rely on the machine

  • what a wonderful doctor you are so lucky - hope you are a bit better now xx

  • getting there

  • Brilliant! OH I like my GP, only I rarely see her and often am redirected to someone else!

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