Breast lump

Just to update you, have had my appioname not yesterday. I received the all clear. I did say that my GP and I thought it was just fat. Lol it turned out that I was right. After having them inspected, and mamogram and then a scan on the flesh at the side of my armpit. Three hrs later I'm on my way home, but one down one to go. It was so hot in there I started to cough and it sounds so horrible, alright when I got out into the cooler air.

Sending everyone hugs and thank you for your support.


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Good news Chris - one thing less to worry about - pleased for you. love cx

That's great news chris, pleased for u, x Sonia x

Soo happy for you,great news xxx

Wonderful news

polly xx

Great news! Dont worry about the coughing sounding horrible - my husband is the same. Take good care TAD xx

Brilliant news, so pleased for you. xx

Good result, dry heat affects me too.

Always best to be sure. Just got to get us blokes to do that more with our bits.

It was my husband who saw it, he said that looks suspicious. Don the think he heck his own tho. Yes you should check regular there was one man being checked when I was there.

Loads of thanks to all who replied it does help keep owing everyone is there.


Great news..... a happy day for you and the family.

Oh what good news I have had two scares for breast lumps where I live it is open clinic at our hospital and when referred by GP the clinic is open 3 days a week I have seen the consultant work till 8pm to see all the people in the clinic

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