Tinnitus and Azithromycin

Hi Guys, I wrote recently regarding Tinnitus and Azithromycin. I attended my annual appointment with my Consultant and told him about my fears that the Azithromycin had caused my Tinnitus. (I had been told before taking the drug that this was a side effect). My Consultant was not convinced as the new tablet type Azithromycin does not have Tinnitus as a side effect and as I am taking this tablet he said he would write to my GP and get her to refer me to the ENT department. I told him I was also concerned about him taking me off the Azithromycin for a short break as I believed this is what some consultants believe to be the best way forward. He said there was no question of my not taking the Azithromycin as I was on it for life. I subsequently went for my Flu jab and the nurse asked me how my Tinnitus was, I explained what my Consultant had said and she agreed and said I should try steam inhalation whilst I was waiting for the appointment at the ENT. I tried the steam and whilst I was sitting there inhaling I realised it was a long time since I had rinsed my sinuses out. I rinsed them straight away and up came the usual nasty phlegm, my ears popped and my hearing was better straight away. I have continued with the daily steam and rinsing and now it is two weeks since I had Tinnitus. I hope this helps some of you with your Tinnitus problems. Take care. Maximonkey

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my consultant definitely warned me of deafness using this and to stop taking it should i have any experience of it buy tinitis was never mentioned....also if i have to take antibiotics for a chest infection i have to stop using my azithromycin then restart ....glad your hearing is better though

Pete takes Azithroymycin and Doxy as he cannot stay on one antibiotic all the time because he gets too used to it. He is on Doxy at the moment but can switch when he needs to. I have tinnitus because of Amitriptalene and have had it for around 5 years now. It is a very soft hissing sound which gets louder at night. I have no other problems so don't know what to do about it but have just got used to it I suppose.

Hope everyone is keeping well and getting their flu jabs sorted out. xxxxx

Glad ur feeling better maximonkey, nice when you try something and it works. Take care x Sonia x

I feel a bit thick now!! Never heard of rinsing sinuses out, but wouldn't mind giving it a go. Sounds horrible!!! I get tinnitus from Azith... or so I thought. Now I'm wondering.

My wife says I should get my ears syringed to see if that clears it.

Glad the rinsing worked for you though!

Hi Paul, I had my ears syringed when I first noticed the Tinnitus but it did not help. The GP was less than helpful and just said there is no cure for Tinnitus. I am so glad I kept asking about it though as now I am much better. As for the rinsing of sinuses, I suffer from allergic rhinitis and hay fever so I am bunged up for most of the year. This year has been better but my nurses theory was that the tubes around my ears now have the mucus stuck in them. I use Sterimar which I buy from the chemist. It is easy to use and does give a lot of relief. Before using anything though I would recommend you see your GP. Take care Maximonkey

Thanks. I'll ask my GP when I see her next.

Rinsing is that sniffing up water into the nose?

I have had what I can only suppose is a form of tinnitus for the past 8 years after a spell in intensive care.

In my left ear I have the sound of travelling on the Piccadilly Line, whilst in my right ear is the sound of a neighbour's T.V. (up too loud) with an American sports commentator getting very excited about a game.

Both of these are very loud and '24 - 7' just to round it off now and again I get a male voice choir chanting somewhere in the middle. It is driving me absolutely barmy but nobody seems at all interested to help.

I am also stone deaf without my 2 aids and people presume that you just sit there in 'stony silence' ,


i suffer from tinnitus ,fortunately only occasionly, do you think the steam helped or was it just coincidence?

i will have to give it ago

Hi Whit, yes unfortunately it was a coincidence. I have it know and it is very loud and driving me ever so slightly mad. I am seeing the GP this week re: being sent to ENT will let you all know how I get on. Take care Maximonkey

i dont know if you have tried it , but when i have it i put a little easy listening music through my i pod ( are they called i pods), i adjust the volume so that it sort of deadens the tinnitus. it helps a bit especialy when u try to sleep at night it dosen`t send it away, but give it a try

Thanks for that idea Whit, I will try it. At the moment I am just trying to stay positive and hoping for a miracle. I know miracles seldom happen but I am living in hope. Take care Maximonkey

Hi dukes, I have had Tinnitus now none stop for three years 24 / 7, sounds like two burst steam pipes going off in your head. Started from me putting the ear phones on when I was filling in early morning hours with a flare up I was having one day, and decided to get on my keyboard and pass some time on , drives me nuts some days, ( not the keyboard the Tinnitus ) . Have had as many as three days and nights with no sleep at all. Feel like a zombi after a while, head colds are the bad one's. like being on the foot plate of a steam engine with a burst boiler. Take care. Malk.

Hi Maximonkey, I am on Azitheromycin and I have tinnitus in my left ear, a strong hissing sound most of the time but sometimes it turns into something louder which can be distressing. I was recently referred to ENT and the Consultant ordered an MRI scan and the usual auditory test with the 'beeps' which confirmed that I am deaf in my left ear. I do have a NHS hearing aid but I don't use it because I just cannot get on with it. It is annoying when you cannot hear what is being said and being in a room where there are lots of other people chattering it is impossible. Usually I just sit there and let it all pass me by but the people who know are very kind and talk to me on the right hand side. There, I feel better now for trying to explain how it feels, hope you don't mind. Good luck and take care, Lizzy x

Hi Lizzy, I am so sorry you are suffering this loss of hearing. As yet I am only experiencing the hissing noise, no loss of hearing. Thanks for sharing your experiences, I do not mind at all if you want to blow off steam by telling me your frustrations. I too feel frustrated. I am between a rock and a hard place. If I want to stay well I must take the medication and put up with this very nasty side effect. I am fighting depression over it at the moment. Sorry now I am complaining. Take care Maximonkey

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