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Anybody here got chronic or asthmatic bronchitis?

Hi, I get the impression most here diagnosed with copd have emphysema and not bronchitis. Would be grateful to hear from anybody who is more bronchitic. I have recently been diagnosed with copd, and am afraid I have hit a wall of anxiety and depression since diagnosis (diagnosis on top of other difficult circumstances), worrying about my children as this progresses. I appear to have either the chronic bronchitis or asthmatic bronchitis version, and at the moment am in great pain from inflammation in the lungs. Is this usual? Do I have to live with this every day from now on? Should I be on oral steroids? Please help, sleep is not happening, this presumably not helping the anxiety and depression.

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Hi mollmoll sorry to hear you are in such pain. I have COPD and whilst my doctors refuse to tell me whether it is emphysema or chronic bronchitis I have checked my symptons online and am sure it is CB. Most people have a mixture of both so I have primarily CB. I also have had asthma for many years too.

It is very scarey to have this diagnosis and I don't blame you for being worried, scared and depressed. Much depends on how severe you are. Do you know your lung function? Or what stage you are at? (there are 4/5).

Whilst the disease is progressive there is a lot you can do to hold it steady by not smoking, eating healthily, exercising and taking your prescribed meds. With the right treatment and attitude you can have many more years of healthy life.

Steroids are generally prescribed if you have an exaberation (a temporary worsening of your symptoms) on a need to have basis. They are not usually given long term unless you are severe because of the many nasty side effects of long term use.

I don't suffer with pain in my lungs so I think the best thing is to see your GP. Take care. x



Hi mollmoll i have been told I have chronic bronchitis i dont have any pain but I do cough and when i do I always bring mucus up if it is a different colour dark i then go on to my steroids and antibiotics, Ive had it now two years I was told to exercise which i do i go to the gym twice a week and i think this has helped me to still stay mild it was very hard for me to take it all in at first has ive never smoked take care xx


Thank you both. On the strength of your replies (i.e. that pain is unusual), I saw the doctor and we think it is severe thrush from the inhalers and so I have some medicine to deal with that. Fingers crossed that this is the solution to my fiery throat and lungs.

I'll be in a better position to answer spirometry questions next week, as will have updated test results then. In the meantime, remain anxious and depressed but at least relieved that this pain is not necessarily due to bronchitic inflammation.


Well at least you know what is is now mollmoll. I didn't know you could get pain in your lungs from thrush. You live and learn don't you? Oh did you know around 6 out of 10 people with chronic illness suffer from depression? You are not alone. coughalot x


One thing we should all get straight in our heads is "Chronic" means long term.

I had this argument with doctors at the hospital were they told my mother she has "heart failure" which put the fear of god into her! She had a very mild AF which was running better than mine which I have had since 1992.

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Hi Mollmoll, thanks for getting back to us about your pain, didn't know pain in the lungs could be thrush, usually put mine down to muscular if I haven't got an infection. Sorry to hear you are going through a bad time health wise and family,life can be a sod at times. You must take care and try to avoid infections if you are more prone to bronchitis flare ups. Life has a lot of future even if we do have chronic illness. Make the best of the good days to build up your strength for the less good days. Make the most of what you can do don't dwell on the things you can't do anymore. Things should improve now you are getting treatment for the cause of your pain, have a nice day.


Katie even though you were answering Mollmoll I appreciate your timely advice about grieving for things that can't be done any more

I find this hardest when the lung pain sets in as I have the complication of very low antibodies which makes the use of steroids on a last resort basis

That is what I appreciate about this site, everyone can benefit from the posts

Mollmoll it is great that your doctors got to he bottom of your pain. I am always in pain in the lower lobes and all of the rib area

I do think that pain is a bronchial issue although I have Bronchiestasis


Lots of good advice on here as always. Hearing the news that you have a chronic condition can be daunting but as everyone says it can still mean living a reasonable life, just try to be more careful than you were before.


thank you again everybody, your comments have really helped. The anti-thrush medicine seems to be having an immediate effect on the rawness of the throat and beyond, although I have a huge tickle in the throat, presumably a constant flow of mucus, from lungs and nose. Am trying not to cough as that would aggravate the inflammation. Hopefully, I might learn about mucus clearance (just runny clear stuff) next week also, so that I am not constantly clearing my throat.


Hi mollmoll

As someone with life long asthma and allergies, I have been diagnosed with COPD, but not which area. I have hardly conformed anyway, so why start now..lol.

Anyway, depression is a feeling you will have, sleep will be far away and one day you can take on the world while another, you are so tired you wont know what to do with yourself.

I don't have pain in the lungs, but I do get discomfort in the chest area when I am having a coughing fit. This coughing fit I have begun to realise, tend to be weather/temperature related (too hot or to cold).

When I have an exacerbation, I take steroids and antibiotics. With my normal medication, if I jump I rattle!

I too worry about the future, however take it one day at a time. Do what you can when you can (at a slower pace) and don't feel guilty when you can't.

I look at it and say, it is my body telling me to slow down as I have done too much over the years.


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