The dancing duck

A man walks into a pub, and the landlord says "do you want to see my dancing duck" The landlord puts a biscuit tin on the bar, and stands a big white duck on the tin, the duck immediately starts to tap dance. The guy asks the landlord "how much do you want for the duck" "50 quid" says the landlord "and I'll throw the biscuit tin in for free" The guy has a pint and go's home. At 3.00 am he phones the landlord and asks "how do I stop this duck from dancing ?" The landlord says "take the duck off the biscuit tin, lift up the lid and blow out the candles".

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  • LOL. :) I like it x

  • :) thanks cheered me up.

  • oh that made me laugh out loud x x x x

  • Lol :D

  • red hot that one lol :D

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