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Ok! Now this is taking the you know what!!!!

For those who read my last post, you know I re-applied for my driving license, well, the provisional arrived today, so Nin and me, cracked a Vody and a can to celebrate oops! My nice new paper bit has been christened lol, knocked the can all over it.

Oh! Well if I get stopped and breathalysed ( never drink and drive by the way) I can always say it's my license that's inebriated not Moi'.

Sods law springs to on this one, but I ain't going into that ;) :D and the insurance went through no prob's.

So Azaard has now got an almost perfectly clean Driving License. Heehee!!! Now all I need is a six inches straight through exhaust and Muffler, BROOM, BROOM, BROOM!!!! :o


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Don't forget ur L plates lol. Just remember no bad habits , u have to drive like a learner, two hands on the wheel, don't ride the clutch use the handbrake , mirror, signal maneovre, lmao, no genuinely Good luck. X Sonia x

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Thanks, lol, One handed, elbow out the windows, other hand on the gear stick :) , sound system full blast playing Nickleback (Rockstar) Nin rockin' away in the passenger seat at the top of her voice.

Good memories of our youth lmao,



careful tiger!


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