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Thank You All Very Much!

It's a bit rude not to answer you individually so I'm hoping you'll not mind too much if I sort of do a group answer...

At the time of meeting your man about shower/bath and such like...he did offer me a bath board but I didn't fancy sitting on one that had been used before actually...I was so gob-smacked by his overall attitude, that I was lost for words and that doesn't happen often.

And on reflection, I really ought to have reported him, some of you pricked my conscience, so I picked up the 'phone this afternoon and went through to the main office and he's left...gone.

The woman I spoke to said 'they'd received complaints'...quite a few complaints I gather...mostly about his managing to squeeze Jesus into the conversation even when someone only wanted a grab rail for their loo...

She wouldn't say whether he'd been asked to leave or went of his own accord...said that came under the privacy laws...

Looking back, I just thought he was weird and put it down to experience, but I can see now that other people might not have been able to laugh it off...

Might tell you about the mouses in the houses next...

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oh you cant keep us in suspence what about mouses

Hi vashti, so glad u was gonna complain he deserved it, and must of had lots of complaints to leave a job that are so hard to come by these days, just keep smiling bout it cuz it was a funny story. Lol. X Sonia

ooooh good 'mouses in the houses' :) I hope its a happy tale :)

I hope they are china meeces. I have been collecting them for years. lol


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