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My father is recently diagnosed

Hi my Dad has recently been diagnosed with severe emphysema. There is so much information on the internet that I can't see the wood for the trees.

I would be very grateful if anyone could explain to me what we should expect, and also what help he is entitled to and should push for. At the moment he is on various inhalers and is just being told to go back to see the consultant in 6 months, and in the meantime to the GP. This seems strange to me, I expected he would have more reviews and support.

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Hello maccerpops. l def dont have answers as l'm a carer but WELCOME and know you will find support here.


hi ya . welcome . if your dad is young enough he can claim mobility allowance and pip plus lots of other things . please don't look on internet that just scares you . for truthful and helpful advice allways call blf there symble top right of page .


sorry what is pip?

He is self employed so I don't think he can claim anything, also owns his own house


personal independence payment . anyone can get it as long as your under 64 .plus owning your own home don't matter either


he is 67


Hello maccerpops and welcome.

It's difficult being the person with the condition, but must be so much more worrying for family. The helpline number is - 03000 030 555 and there is also an email address too -

It would be so much better if this information was clearly put at the top header, as it does take a while to find this information.


Hi macapops I was told by my consultant I have severe emphysema and make another appointment in six months and go to see my Dr I mean time that was three and half years ago and am still feel as good as I was then stopped smoking there and then went to rehab and it made a big difference taught me to exercise and how to breathe better and not to panic and learn how to deal with panic attacks as I have

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Thanks Jimmy. Do you mind me aski your age? Dad is 67.

Also, how did you organise the rehab? Was this your GP or consultant when you saw him after the 6 month wait?


Hi my age is 65 and it was my consultant who put me forward for it and it was the best thing I have done so please go or it if you can


Hi maccerpops I too have been diagnosed this year after ct scan with severe emphysema, been treated for mild COPD for eight years ! I am 61 and am on various Inhalers and azithromycin which for me was the greatest thing they could have given me it's wonderful, I also have steroids and antibiotics in the house ( emergency pack from Drs) just in case I start a chest infection. I take oxygen when ambulatory. I too read all the horror stories on the Internet however have found peace of mind taking advice and listening to people on this site. PIP can be gained by ringing up and asking for the forms, get someone to help you fill them in CAB are generally very helpful, I have just been awarded this which is great as I had to give up work last Christmas due to ill health.

I asked to be referred to the respiratory clinic and they have helped me enormously, I completed a pulmonary rehab course and found it very helpful in managing my breathing and stopping me panicking. I also go along to our local breath easy group where people with similar problems attend, made new friends and learnt new ways to help myself, there may be one local to you. I take multivitamins, manuka honey ( 1 teaspoon a day). I am hoping to live a long but maybe slower life :)


Welcome to the forum first of all don't Google its dangerous, give up smoking, exercise as much as you can and take your meds and get a annual flu jab.

I can't advise on benefit its a mine field but if you ring the BLF they have benefit advisers who can help.


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