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Hi folks , just to let you know I've just bought a mobility scooter it can be dismantled in less than 5 minutes and will fit in the boot of my car,it gives a great feeling of freedom, knowing you can go anywhere (justabout) I still walk on times as well just for excercise, I would recommend one of these machines to anyone.

Mike 71x

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  • Mike, I have had a mobility scooter for years. A 4 wheeler and I wouldn't be without it. I have to do all the shopping. Also, when husband was well, had lots of holidays all over the UK. The only thing that you need to watch are, dogs, children, people with heads down texting etc. All very unpredictable and I have a fear of harming someone. xxx

  • Made me laugh pergola,

    when my hubby had scooter from redcross, the town was in danger cos he drove it like a mad man. Made me laugh so much cos we were worried over all the things you said.

    Hubby just enjoyed the freedom, oxygen in tow, bag on his nose....But He would still shout whoopee!! Thanks for memory.

    Plus myself and foster son would be looking in a shop and turn round and could not find him,lol, we often had to call him on mobile to find where he was.xxxxx

  • Mike Glad you got scooter, make the most of it, and enjoy!!!x

  • oh yes these scooters are the best thing since sliced bread . I can go any where and every where . I have too have wife with me I cant do on my own .

  • you might wanna con sider a bit of insurance just to cover yourself .

  • Happy days Mike enjoy your new found freedom.I love my Gertie (scooter).Happy travelling no speeding lol. :) Janexx

  • Good to hear Mike. Pete loves his and could not be without it. It has given him a new lease of life and he zooms around on it. xxx

  • Good on you Mike. I have had my scooter (name of Elsa) for a few months now and love it.

    As has been said, it gives you freedom. I no longer have to rely on my husband driving me anywhere.


  • mine is my lifeline much bigger than yours mine is a class 3 model road worthy depandant on wheel size one has to be careful negotiating kerbs etc if pedestrians let you and move for you always use the dropped kerbs I am with you in the respect that I too walk a bit if I am going shopping I park outside and walk round the store

  • Hi Mike71, best wishes with your new found mobility freedom

  • Would like to have one of these scooters that go in the car. Thought they are too heavy for me to collapse and lift, and also, very expensive,??

  • Hi 3hillview,

    The scooter I have is are simple to dismantle & the component parts sepeately are not very heavy, the battery is the heaviest bit but I'm sure you could manage it,mine cost nearly £700 but you can get models for around £350,

    Best wishes, Mike71

  • Thanks Mike, will shop around. Still driving, but not very strong with various ailments, including copd. Just going crazy when not able to go many places without help. I am an independent 70 year old lady.

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