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replies to my e cig question

Once again you lovely people have shared your thoughts on this and one thing thats really jumped out for me is that i didnt know the tobacco companies were now looking into e cigs for them to sell to us.

A couple of years ago i read a book which stated that if the amount of nicotine were reduced in cigarettes we would not get physically addicted to them....i cant remember by how much it would have to be reduced but it was very clear about what it was saying....

The government say they are at war with drugs yet they seem to me to be the biggest drug dealers of all time and its the young people they always aim for with alcohol and cigarettes with the blessing of our government

Thanks guys for your brilliant messages


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Yeah you are right there. The Govt can't ban cigarettes coz of the taxes they would lose so they are hypocrites. Similiarly with alcohol and petrol. Alcohol is also a legal drug. As for petrol they are always trying to cut down car use but again without the taxes their heart is not in it. x


If alcohol was a new drug on the streets it would be banned there are so many young people with drink related problems now and i believe its all because you can get it anywhere

when i was a kid you had to go to a pub now they throw it at you in every shop i

Im shocked at daz closing his account


I think its hilarious that cigarettes have to be hidden in supermarkets yet look at the selling area for wines and spirits


yes your right we have a HUGE problem with alcohol in this country but you would probably find it harder to buy i high energy drink that booze


You are so right Mandy the government and that includes all parties have double standards.Just look at A&E and the police cells of a weekend! Keepwell be happy :) Janexx


There are a few other things that we never really think of as drugs.

Probably the most 'popular' is caffeine. Heavy coffee drinkers can get withdrawal symptoms - bad headaches if they miss their 'fix'. Starbucks etc are essentially drug dealers too :)

Anyway, I don't think they can ban coffee & tea either!!

Just my 2d worth.


Yeah, drug dealers who don't pat any taxes. Rip-off merchants.


Sorry, meant pay not pat. Fat finger syndrome.


Mandy, it's not so much the nicotine that is addictive - tests have shown that no-one gets addicted to nicotine administered medically - it's the chemicals which are thrown into the mix that make cigarettes so addictive.


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