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Low platelets

Just changed docs and a routine blood test . Already have adult bronchiolitis. He phoned me to say low platelets and need to pick up another blood form for more tests. What's that all about. Thought he was also checking for rheumatoid arthritis as my mum had plus l am showing signs.

She also had cll...chronic lymphatic leukaemIa, both l understand are blood disorders, but not inherited.

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Hi there pamilia, Sorry I can`t answer your question. Until you see your G.P. again I wouldnt worry too much. There are lots of different reasons why he should want another blood test. There are lots of reasons why you may have low platelets, but until you have the facts i shouldnt get over concerned. Phone your G.P. and get him to explain.

Take care.


Normal would not be concerned. What with family history questions a what if. Never had a doc phone me before and l am over sixty, and he too sounded concern enough to make sure l collect form Monday. Other surgeries get their receptionists to phone. Anyway, see what comes of with it. Great way to start another year in my life visiting the vampires. Lol Hope they have a sweet tooth as its family celebration time today.

Thanks for your reply. Hope this finds u in good health.


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