This is my last post

Yer a made a promise a would let my health unlocked lung uk friends know if am going to delete my account

Have thought about it for some time ... A feel it's right thing to do as I have come to terms with my illness with help of all my friends on here.

Yer I have backed up all my post for future reference ... so only thing to do is to thank you for all ya help support in time av been member and with you all bright prosperous future

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  • Hi Daz,

    I hope you get this post alright, as I see your profile has already been deleted. I know we don't know each other very well, but we have come across each other from time to time, and I read your posts, and replies. I know this sounds like prying, but what on earth are you doing? You have not allowed your friends a chance to respond by choosing this late hour to post your last post, which is what you want to do. I know you said you have come to terms with your illness, but you have got me really worried. This forum needs you Daz, and because you have been so active in it, I think you need it.

    We are all here for each other through the bad times as well as the good, and I am sorry but your post sounds like you have given up now. You have deleted recent posts, or at least I cannot access them, and this seems to have come out of the blue. Your friends will be so upset that they cannot talk to you again. I know and respect that it is your choice, but I have a terrible feeling that you have thrown in the towel. Please tell me I am completely wrong. As our various illness's progress we need each other more than ever, and especially after being on this forum so often.

    I want to help you, and tell you that we are here for you, just like always. Please do not just disappear like this without warning, as it only looks like you have had a bad plan in mind. Could you please message me, if you want, just to have a word. I will wait up until I hear from you. No matter how ill you are, you are still a valuable member of society and of this forum, and have a lot to offer. You have overcome many obstacles already in your life, and you can choose to stay with us. Please Daz, get in touch now, or call for help from a doctor or hospital. I will wait for 10 minutes from now, and if I do not hear from you I will have to do something, but I have no wish to invade your privacy, but am frightened by the tone and wording of your post. We all care about you, so please remember that and you are not alone. I would give you a big cuddle if I could, but that is not possible, so you will have to settle for ((((((((((((Daz)))))))))))))).

    Please, please get in touch now. Thank you. hugs from Huggs xxxxxx

  • Dear Daz, sorry I do not want to invade your privacy, but why are you doing this? We really really love having you on the forum... Even if you only want to pop in every now and then...I wish you all the very best Daz and will miss you....

    Dear Huggs, I just saw this....???? Only good news is that he says he has backed up posts for future reference (so he has made plans-good sign). I hope that settles your worries a little bit. Best wishes to you and Daz, hugs and lovexxxx

  • Ooooer Daz where did that come from was not expecting that ? Do you really have to go completely can't you have some time out and just popin to catch up with us now and again? I personally have noticed a change with you your right you have come to grips with your lungs and how that has impacted your life.You have learned a vast amount with all the different research you have done. I do kinda understand what you want to do it kinda makes sense.but please don't leave completely don't become a stranger you shall be missed by many.

    If you do go I wish you much happiness and good health. Takecare of yourself breathe easy.

    :) Janexxx

  • Daz

    why are you doing this? I'm glad you've come to terms with your condition, but that isn't the point, many of us have done this, but we still need each other. we are the only ones that know how each of us feels and we are the ones who are always here to support each other.

    Daz if you get this message, please think again and come back.


  • Please change your mind and stay, daz, you are an invaluable member of this community. Best wishes and take care.

  • As I look and learn at this site every morning And never need to ask anything because I have learned So So much from you all, I totally understand Huggs concern,I can only prey that this turns out how we all want it to and Daz comes back to us .

  • DAZ, I cant believe why you re doing this? I dont post as much as I used to thanks to azithromycin but I do like to keep in touch and give support if needed. What is the point of "slamming the door" upsetting to all your friends who were fond of you. What did you want to achieve apart from upsetting all of us. Think again. If I have a good friendship, I wont walk from it. xxxxx

  • DAZ, havent had many chats with you, so forgive me, WHY would you leave this site? Surely friendships have been made and l know your comments are always encouraging. Please rethink this action.x

  • Hi Daz,have not had much interaction with you,but always read your posts.

    Not sure why you closed your acct.Maybe as you said yourself,the time has come,some people do leave,when they have come to terms with everything,& don't feel the need of support anymore,or tired of giving advice,I just hope you're in that category! Many people pass through here,& when the time is right,they go.

    I say congrats to you if this is the case!

    Good luck Daz,& hopefully we'll hear from you,down the track xxx

  • Good luck come back when you need to you have helped a lot of people, and we all need people like you who do straight talking, take care

  • Hi Daz. I'm so sorry you feel you have to do this. I have followed your posts for a very long time. I will miss all your posts and the information you have given to us all. I hope when you see all these posts you will re-consider. You have a lot of friends here that will miss you. X

  • If none of the posters before me have convinced you that you will be greatly missed then I will respect your decision and wish happiness and contentment for the future. You will have left a void unable to be filled. We are all unique in our own way but you had a unique endearing quirkiness I have never encountered before. Good luck Daz.xx

  • Oh no.

    You've been a breath of fresh air to many, you're whacky, you make me laugh (and sometimes cry), you're honest, knowledgable and been a great support.

    This site will never be the same without you. Respect.

    All the very best wishes for now and always Daz. Peeg xx

  • I don't know what to say - Im gutted Daz. You've not only shared your distress with us, but you've brought important things to the forum which no-one else was doing. What I'm saying is - you've not only received support here, you've contributed loads to us as individuals and the forum overall.

    If as it seems, you've made a clear decision that feels best for you, then of course that's your right. But as your friend i hope this is not the last we have seen of you.

    Sending you love and good luck for the future xjean

  • Hi Daz, don't know if ur gonna get to read this but it's a BIG THANK U, for ur informative posts, supporting advice and good old banter, if this is what u need to do then so be it, u will be sadly missed, always here if u change ur mind or realise u actually miss us lot too. All the best Daz and take care x Sonia x

  • Hey Daz will miss seeing your posts, always read them with interest.

    You were always around to help people we are going to miss you greatly.

    Hope you will pop in and out, take care.

    polly xx

  • I have to respect you wishes, but I don't have to like them. Take care.

    Much love

    Kindest regards


  • I respect your wishes - but will miss you like crazy. xxx

  • Daz, I will miss your posts, I'm gutted to see you go,what can I say other than I wish you all the very best! love huff xxxxxx

  • Hey Daz,what,s going on mate.I had hoped we,d be friends for many years!You,ve been such an asset to this site and helped me so much with the amazing research you did.Going to miss you buddy but it,s your decision.take it easy and have a good life,all the best to you.Your friend David!

  • Hey Daz, what we gonna do now the rebel healthunlockeder is leaving. The one who dares to bring up subjects no one else dared to and ask the awkward questions.

    I for one think you should stick around and it seems I am not alone in that, so no need to delete the account just yet, why not just keep an eye on us lot and chip in now and then.

    If you do go then hopefully you'll make a return someday under a new name, Dazisallfixednow :) .


  • Oh Daz, please don't leave us. You are thought so much of on here with your dry humour and unique way of speaking from the heart

    I hope whatever has caused you to quit the site is a passing phase because it just won't be the same without you. x

    Casper x

  • Do you really want to leave all these wonderful friends you have made and helped along the way Daz :(

    I have been very grateful for all the knowledge you have shared and only sorry I have not thanked you before.

  • well i hope you dont all intend to run off and leave me.............................daz thats the most bizarre thing ive read on here


  • Well Daz glad to hear you feel you have come to terms with your illness, but sorry to see that means you are leaving the site but as already said that is your choice. Maybe you will pop in at a later date to see us all again and every best wish for the future to you. Many thanks for your input too good luck and bye for now

  • I will miss Daz on this site he has helped me lots, but I respect his wishes and hope he breaths easy, stays well and be happy, love Gill xx

  • Hey Daz - don't just leave. At the risk of poking my nose in and I do sometimes do that, I am just wondering what has happened here? Are you depressed? Have you thrown in the towel? You do suffer a great deal, of that I am sure, yet you have also made me smile so I cannot believe you will no longer be on here anymore.

    It would be nice to chat just once more even if you just want to tell me to "go away." I can take the hint, honestly.

    Hope to hear from you again Daz. xxx

    P.S. Nobody posts a blog quite like you do!!!

  • Hello Daz,

    I am unsure whether you will see this post as you have deleted your account but I hope you do. It's great you feel that you have reached a crossroads in your illness & in your words, come to terms with it. But you are not just your illness. I have enjoyed reading your posts, I think you enjoy research & learning & often there is a spontaneous originality in your conclusions.

    Undoubtedly, this illness does put limits on our physical abilities but our minds can be free. I worked, albeit very part time, until I was nearly 70.

    I have worked with many Dyslexic students & I hope your future includes doing something with your lively & inquiring mind. OK education costs but will you ever have to pay it back?

    I shall miss your posts & thank you for the music..... Love Mx

  • dazisgone, this lung forum is a very special place, and you were a special part of it.

    Thank you daz for all your interesting posts and help, hope you change your mind and come back. x

  • Disisnotgoodatall Daz ! Too many people here ( me included) are sad to see you go. Why don't you just take a break for a while and see how you feel in a few weeks ? But whatever your decision, I wish you the very best.

  • Oh Daz I have just read your post and my hart sank I'm sorry but I'm with Hugs I can't believe you want to leave the family forum I look forward to reading your posts you always find the funny side and I have learnt so much from your posts.

    I understand your frustration with the treatment you have received but we are all hear for you we know more than anyone what its like to have a lung disease. We have all hit rock bottom and the only way is up just let us know if your ok take care mate xx

  • Hi Daz, coming to terms with your illness doesn't mean you have to shun all those people who have supported you through it, that's very unfair. Please have a rethink, and when you've read all the posts from all the people who have commented and said that we will all miss you, you will come back and be your usual quirky self. Whatever you decide, good luck. Take care, Lizzy xx

  • You are a 'one off' and the world can do with a few more specials you. May the road rise up to meet you....

    Warm memories. Simeon

  • Daz, I love this song. I thought it was I shall always love you. I saw it first in "Ghost" a lovely film about a man who dies and become a ghost and helps his wife overcome evil. Nice.

    Well DAz, you seem to have overcome your evil o that illness. Don't forget to keep your head high and do the exercises! You've been a real bringer of good hope here. thank you, with all my heart. Everyone has to set priorities. You've done that and I admire you for it. We are your friends. I want to wish you the best of luck. Cheers, Mic

  • What all the posts above really say, Daz is this...

    Everyone misses you already, so GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE NOW!!!

  • dazisnot so good so sorry 2 c u go. take care & best wishesxxx

  • so sorry to hear that you going Daz take care hope you may come back some day again take care look after yourself.

  • Dear Daz - I loved to see your posts I wish you the best of everything - you have been so kind to everyone here. Take good care with much love TAD xx

  • every1 please respect daz's wishes. hopefully not he may b going downhill. dont mean es no still thinking bout us but wee'll always think about him & wish him well. best wishes daz & good luck thoughts r with u. tcxxx

  • please come back, i health prevales best o luck tcxxx

  • You'll be missed a lot. Take care.

  • THANK YOU DAZ, have read all your posts, and have felt you pain many times. You know what you want, but I do feel you are making the wrong move, everyone needs someone at somtime in there life, and this is not the time to abanden your friends that you have on this site.

  • Like many others I would urge you to reconsider and stay - again like others I wonder what has prompted this decision - and also have enjoyed your posts often being very helpful and informative - please Daz you may have come to terms with your illness but many of us have not got there yet so please reconsider and stay for us xx

  • good-bye

  • take care mate..

  • Hi Daz, don't leave, you are and will always be a great help to others without your even realising it. Your community needs you and hopefully you need us from time to time

  • What ever you do, where ever you go, may peace be with you.


  • Daz whatever are you doing?

    I'm trying to get over a particularly bad moment that I haven't shared with anyone yet because our problems rarely come alone.

    The nature of the illness I suppose.

    But leave the forum? Definitely not.

    Even though I am not subscribing in any way I am still cushioned by the friendship here, and, as each day passes, that resolve to overcome the unpleasantness, past and present gets stronger and stronger.

    Don't just leave Daz, that's being selfish. We need you!!


  • Sorry to see you go Daz. Keep on keeping on.

  • Oh Daz - I am hoping you get this reply =- my computer has been down for over a week with viruses. I don't know why you have made this decision, but I will really miss your posts and I so so hope you might change your mind in the future. I send you my very best wishes. Take will be sorely missed!

  • I'll miss you, God Bless

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