today has been a good day

they picked up my mobility today and lent me one . so have been out for a couple of hours this afternoon. at my local fishing pond talking to the fishermen. managed to do this either side of rain storms. yesterday I was told off a web site called , free jigsawpuzzles. com well went on it today and its brilliant its got 1000s of puzzles and no adverts or trying to make you buy anything . and now I am relaxing with my feet in bowl of water ,I suffer with really hard skin so this is heaven . have good weekend every one and keep on breathing

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  • cocoa butter cream is ideal for hard skin apply after soaking the feet liberally and then put on a pair of socks this stuff works well on me and I get a bottle of the stuff from my local pound store

  • im going to southend tommorro shall buy some . try anything

  • enjoy your day out Toby

  • Sounds a good day :) I will have a go on the jigsaw site.... :)

  • thanks for the head ups I used to like puzzles but with my aging eyes I find it difficult to do the old thin cardboard ones on the puter I can at least set it to my requirements

  • I have a trivial mind - can you separate the EDGE bits at the start!!

  • oh yes

  • Thanks for the puzzle link. :)

  • Glad to read u've had a better day today, bet it felt good to be out for a couple of hours and managed to dodge the rain, big improvement on yesterday lol. X Sonia x

  • I have worked in retail since I was 15. Hard skin I could write a book on - like walking on broken glass :( well I am now gonna sound like an ad but I got a JML Pedi Pro Delux from amazon and BOY its brilliant :) First time I used it was fantastic.

    Have a great wk end yourself :)

  • Hi tobydoo, I do those jigsaw puzzles every day, keeps boredom at bay

  • Morning Tobydoo, glad you had a enjoyable day yest. Hope this weekend just as

  • Glad you had such a good day Toby,it does lift your spirits doesn't it? I must look up those jigsaw puzzles xx

  • Your post made me laugh! The image of you sitting with your feet in a bowl, whilst completing jigsaws on the computer - the simple things really are the best!!

  • PMA is GOOD :)

  • Hi Tobydoo. I love jigsaws. I've collected Thomas Kinkade ones. They are really beautiful. You might take a look on that site you were saying about. I think you will be impressed. I never seem to get the time lately. Im always doing something else. Take care Tobydoo. X

  • Hi Toby,I see a podiatrist every 8weeks and have my tootsies done,your gp should arrange this for you.Good luck! D.

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