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COPD what should I expect?

I'm 33. I've had this bad cough, it gets worse then gets lighter but never actually goes away. It gets bad with cold and I get coughing attacks if I eat something really cold like icecream. I've had this about 3 years. I get mucous when I wake up in the morning. I also get breathless very easily but I thought it was because I'm overweight. I started smoking at the age of 16 and quit when I was 24 so almost 10 years I've been smoke free. I've been told that I've been lucky to find out at my age and it should advance slower than finding out in my 50's so I'm sorry to sound so morbid but I don't particularly want to die before I'm 70.... Am I being too optimistic? And I've started my weightloss routine and am determined to get fitter by the way.

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oh honey your optimism will get you a long way its so very important to have a good view on your own well being and doing everything you can to keep healthy

have you actually been diagnosed with it you didnt say


Hi, thanks for replying. I have not been officially diagnosed yet, ive got my spiro thingy on the 24th. I've passed the asthma assessment but the gp thinks it's highly likely that I have COPD


Hello Wicced81 very nice to meet you welcome to our friendly helpful supportive family,you have arrived at the right place to ask any question re dodgy lungs.If you have been diagnosed at the very early stages of copd,it is entirely possible to reverse,or stop it where it is now,providing like you have stopped smoking well done you.Also a good healthy diet and as much exercise that you are able.You also say you are trying to loose a little weight this will help a lot too.I would say you have many decades of healthy life to look forward to living providing much happiness.

Again welcome to our group stay with us and let us know how you get on etc.

Ive had this for almost 24 years now and still going strong :)

Might be a good idea to have the flu and pneumonia jab for added protection eh.

Takecare now be well and happy.See you soon :) Janexx


Hi thanks for your reply. I have had my flu jab yesterday as they insisted I didn't leave without it. I'll keep you informed. My name is Adele by the way.


Hi there thanks for your reply. I had my flu jab yesterday as they insisted I didn't leave without it. I'll keep you informed. My name is Adele by the way


Sorry, my phone is not showing my replies straight away


Hi Adele, welcome, I was diagnosed at 16 and am now 60+, so a long and happy life can be yours for the taking. Hope all goes well with the test and your positive attitude will definitely help you.


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