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Cystoscopy - advise please

Good Morning! My husband has just received his letter calling him to hospital for the above procedure in a couple of weeks. He uses ambulatory oxygen so we will take that with us and I have noted it says that the "nurse will talk you for the procedure" - doubtful will get a wheelchair. Just wondered if any of you lovely people have had the procedure or any advise about procedures under local anesthetic for a COPD patient. The urology dept. seem very remote from the COPD dept. and I keep having to remind them that he has severe COPD and cant walk etc. Thanks. Kind regards, TAD xx

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Hi tadaw, I worked in the hospital and have seen this procedure many times, the local anathestic is a gel form squirted into the uretha like having a catheter fitted. It won't/shouldn't interfere with his copd. And yes all this will/ should be explained by the nurse. Hope that helps a bit . Take care x Sonia x

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Oh Sonia - thank you xx

Great to have that info Tad and I hope it all goes well.

Ur welcome tadaw, that's what I love about this site whatever we ask , someone can help with advice and support. Glad I could help. X Sonia x

Hey what a result having Sonia in the know do hope its lessoned the worry some.Hopefully you can grab a wheelchair at the hospital?hospital corridors are long and you can bet your bottom dollar your at the furthest point always the way.I go on my Gertie now which makes life easier,did go down a wrong corridor once and had to do a 36 point turn to come back all very embarrassing in fact in the death of the struggle a very kind very strong young man came to my aid and lifted me and gertie and pointed us in the right direction bless him. :) Janexx

What a fantastic site this is! How lucky that Sonia could give such a fantastic reply ! I hadn't thought of the scooter but I have now - thank you. Tad xxx

last time I went to hospital it was dreadful... I had to walk from one end of the building to the other and I almost collapsed with agony....I couldn't find a wheelchair and I couldn't have used it even if I had because I was on my own.I was wearing morphine patches at the time as I had 3 new spinal fractures (grrreat fun :x ) Next week I am taking a friend with me.......yippee! :)

Hi Louisiana nice to meet you.Oh jimini crackers sounds like a nightmare for you,please always go with somebody,that can't have been good for you with those fractures! If you don't have somebody you praps need to get hospital transport and then you will be safely delivered to whatever department by a porter,needs must eh? How are you now?

:) Janexx

I read Sonia's reply. I have had two - one was in the 60s when I was in America. You wouldn't believe what it was like,e ven if I told you! It was ghastly. The second was last year in Norfolk & Norwich hospital.....took all of a moment and no trouble at all. I am a female though, so I don't need the help you males need :d :d -when I had my first one, they wheeled me past about 4 men who were all out like lights having had anaesthetic and I thought it sooo unfair!! Hope all goes well for your husband Tadaw :)

Hi Tad

It really isn't anything to worry about hun, especially in relation to dhs 02. I have had one and I knew a blind guy who was really concerned about having to have one, as he thought it might be more painful for a guy. I explained to him about the anaesthetic gel. When I saw him later he agreed it was nothing to worry about - all went very well.

Good luck to DH.

love cx

Brilliant to hear thank you xx

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