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Well I Never

This story started two months ago, all I wanted to do was re-apply for my driving license. Now you would think this would be simple, "Oh !! No it ain't", ( I gave up my license over 15 years ago, after two major heart attacks and being diagnosed with unstable angina. I dually got a D10 form from the post office along with a £65 postal order, filled in the form , sent it off and thought no more about it. after a month of not hearing any thing I rang DVLA Swansea, they had no record of me ever having had a license,odd I said at the time, but they said they would keep looking, eventually received a letter asking where and when I had taken my test, and was it a book or paper license, filled in this questionnaire and posted it back. gave it another week and rang again. Still no joy, we are now searching our archives say the man on the other end of the phone, OK! says me will try again next week. In the mean time another questionnaire arrives through the door, this time they wanted all my addresses since I got my provisional, ( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!) They're having a laugh aren't they, I've lived all over this country since I was 17, and being a Merchant Seaman, I was away more than I was at home.

So there's me looking up old addresses, Post codes, took all flaming day , but I got there in the end. Posted this lot off and left it until last week, rang up again, more or less got the same answer, we are still looking. B****r me if I don't get another letter asking If I'd lived at an address in Lancaster which as it happens is my Uncle Vic's, but his son is called Harry, my cousin, Ok! it's a reasonable mistake to make for Joe Public, considering my name is Howard and we both carry the same middle and surname but different DOB's. NOT a Government body though. Now I'm getting sorely you know whated off.

Rang again today, Guess what, I had been driving for 40 years illegally because nobody told me I had to renew my license every three years up until 1978 when life time licenses were introduced, Oooops!!!

#The upshot of all this culminates in, I am now getting a Bleeding Provisional license again and have to re- take my test. Now this should be hilarious. I'm already half blind, half deaf and totally nutty, so I'm booking a bed in the local Nut House just case. Me, Nin or the Driving Instructor need it LOL. 'Cos I got I got a feeling in me water one of us will.

Look out all you sedentary road users The Azaard is back and he ain't takin' prisoners :P :D :) :O :X

Az and Nin

P.s I forgot the point system, is it

10 for a road kill

20 for a pedestrian

30 for a postman on a bike

100 for a Traffic Car Bumper and getting away with it

1000 for a can't mention

Seriously only joking not!!!! lol :)

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Well that's it Az, if you are getting back on the road I am handing my licence in. he he. Anyway, I always thought you were certified, not licenced. lol. I hope you and Anna are both keeping well.



Been certifiable for donkeys, Bobby, we're doin fine, twelve month down the line and we ain't quite killed each other yet, lol,

Hope you and yours are Ok!



Wow is it 12 months? Cor blimey doesn't seem that long. Congrats :p xx


Thanks :) It has gone so quickly, but strangely also seems like it's been forever. Xxx


I bet it does to Anna as well Az :p xx


Ooops, fingers crossed for the driving test, have u got to do the theory test aswel, like the point scoring U'll have a high score with all them 1000's lol take care x Sonia x


Unfortunately, Yes !!! Should be interesting to say the least Thanks for the vote of confidence :)


The very best of luck...................for everyone else on the road!!!! xx

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They'll probably need it, Nin reckons my driving is better than Battersea Fun Fair, I don't know what she could possibly mean ?!? lol :O


I believe there is a real tryanny in disorganitation of governmental agencies I do not drive I think that is why I do not look older than my age. I have to tell you the story of my daughter in the US of A she was a passenger in a vehicle I believe the driver was driving irratically get this somehow this driver our next door neighbor smoozed his way out of any real problem while my daughter who has never done anything illegal not driving not ever the police look at her i.d. it is expired mind you she is not driving she is arrested has to go infront of the judge at a later date. She turns herself in on the day appointed they put her in a cell she was made to walk around in leg irons and handcuffs for an expired drivers license when not driving. I believe this was done to provoke her husband who is black and bueatiful and she is my little porcelin sweety. She is in her early twenties a mother of two. One more thing I will share it seems that although I called wrote and did everything to inform social security that I would not be taking medicare I have been charged anyway I am hoping this will stop because now I am utterly confused over which form to what place

or is it a phone call. I have to say while I am sure what is happening is no fun you told your story so well and in away that speaks to the mother land so here we are an ocean apart dealing with institutional governmental blunders one thing we have is the knowelege that if you want to get something done you need to do it regardless of the rules. Repectfully m.


Thank you M, Governments are a real nightmare regardless of where you live


Ha ha ha it could only happen to you Az! :d You illegal driver you :) Lots of love to you and Anna. xxx


Yep !! could only happen to me, lol How's things in the land of Cider ? :X :D



Yuck still hate Cider and sometimes even the land of Cider as well. Keep wishing I was back in London but couldn't afford it now :( Could afford land of rain so maybe one day? Who knows... :) xx


Death Race 2000 eh :) when do they come to arrest you for driving illegally ;)


At least now you can choose whether you wan the tes for automatic or manual. automatically wrap the instructor round the gear box or manuall! Compassion on you!


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