How many flu jabs do they want?

I had my flu jab 8 days ago at my GP 's went though a couple of days of feeling rougher than usual but survived. Only to get in the post today a letter from my GP stating as I am high risk I need to have my Flu Jab and need to book it straight away? My wife also got one as my carer?

They have a system in, that will email me of my appointments date and time and doctor and even sends me a reminder the day before. So with all this technology you would of thought it would of been on the system as we booked it 18 days ago? I cannot see it crossing in the post?

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Typical u either don't get anything and have to chase everything up yourself or like urself u have it then get invited for another one, and they blame the computers, but it's people that are suppose to update the computers lol, oh well take care. Sonia x

I never had a flu shot in my life unless I forgot. I have a real lack of faith in medical situations I had t.b. as a kid I was subjected to two months in a sanatarium and having a tub pushed down my throat past my gag reflext. At my age I will have to get over it. You have a choice about the flu shot right and I really think it is a bit odd that there wasn an urgency. Hmmm?

I spent 32 days in ICU with lung failure and 5.5 months off work. This was in 2008 and I came out with 76% lung function I am now on 52% upright and 47% when flat. So even though I have a choice I feel I need every bit of help I can get.

What has annoyed me is the fact they boast about there system but it fails because of a poorly designed system that relies on human interaction to much.

I think that it was just human error. Those of us who are less than perfect have no difficulty in understanding that things such as this can happen.

I agree but they keep telling me they do not make errors with their new system. They can send me a reminder saying how important it is that I turn up but have never sent me an email saying the specialist I was booked to see is not there on the day I was booked in for. This has happened a number of times.

flu jab not to bad,the pneumonia jag that leaves your arm sore for a few days. i would urge anyone with breathing difficulties to have the flu jag

Glad it was,nt just me then,I wanted to cut my arm off it was so sore!Ironically 6 months after the really painful pneumonia jab I got pneumonia.Think I,m the poor sod that is"Sod's law" lol. D. :D

not only you I have the pneumonia jab every 10 years and still get it every 18 months or so.

I'm still debating to have mine I have had so many flu's, flair ups and chest infections since I had my last flu jab

I did not have my arm hurt any were near as before but felt a bit rough for a few days this time?

Its not the arm feeling sore or feeling grotty for a few days I just wonder now do they work or help they get a jab to fight all types of strains and then another half a dozen new ones come out. I'm going to talk to the nurse first and see what she thinks but I really feel my last flu jab was about as much use as a ashtray on a motorbike.

You only discover what your flu shot is worth if and when you actually get the flu. Why would anyone with compromised lungs take that chance ?

Similar thing happened to me Offcut. seems the system for flu jabs has gone all awry.

Tell them that you want a monthly subscription to a flu jab!!! Oh dear!

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