one of them days

to start this site didn't put my first and second logs up so am typing it again .

this morning my mobility scooter battery is flat they fink charger is broke so are taking it away to fix it .

then some idiot rings door bell and despite me yelling out im coming they have gone when I get there ,

and now I am wet all down my front, looks like ive wet me self . just finished washing up went to empty the bowl and dropped it . ha so clumsy lately this is why thay wont let me near the sharp knifes .

things can only get better .have a nice day and keep on breathing .

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  • What a day you seem to be haveing rub it all out and start again have a good one

  • It can only get better!!! :p

  • I sympathise with front door bells ringing and not having time to get there!! also the phone when it rings - yell at the phone that I am coming. Of course I could carry it around with me but then it goes flat. And the buggy, the wind blew the cover off last night, so a brand new one that isn't torn.

  • Ohhh, tobydoo, what a shame, I always have problems like that, my mobile is never really out my hand but u can guarantee the minute I put it down mainly upstairs and go downstairs it rings and I like sod it I can't get back up that fast then I get back upstairs and the house phone rings downstairs, then my mom always complains that I never answer my phones ....... Oh well fresh start in the morn and try again. X Sonia x

  • Oh Tobydoo what a day bless you.Best sit and chill now for the rest of the day start again tomorrow eh? Hope you get your charger back soon. :) Janexx

  • Sit down and have a cup of tea - then start again!! Hope the rest of the day is much more peaceful! Take care TADxx

  • True story. Many years ago (before cordless phones and 1471), my parents lived in a townhouse and every night my father would take the phone up to the bedroom. One night, he unplugged the phone and started up the stairs when the phone started ringing. He immediately came back and plugged it in whereupon it promptly stopped. He waited a few minutes then decided to go up to bed again.

    Halfway up the stairs ... yep, you got it! We were laughing as soon as it started to ring but the thing that had us in total hysterics was the fact that he couldn't decide whether to carry on up or come back down and just stood there with phone in hand while it rang for ages!! I was very happy to have good bladder control that night :D :D :D

  • I always think everything is fine until a simple thing like knocking over my glass of water causes all sorts of problems,these things are sent to try us and they sure do.Onward and upwards Toby as the song goes ,at this point,"Things can only get better" .Good luck! D.

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