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Amiodarone can affect your lungs!

I was looking though some of my old and new drugs to see if there was any links to the many conditions and reactions I have and found this.

Drugs such as nitrofurantoin, amiodarone, bleomycin, and many others can rarely cause interstitial lung disease.

Do not panic if you are on them but worth talking to your GP if you have a lung condition too.

Be Well

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So is it best not to take amiodarone if you have some asthma? My wheezing began in 2010 with the use of bisoprolol.


I am on 2 x 80mg Sotalol When I was on 3 x 80mg Sotalol my lips and fingers went blue?


Amiodarone is my last drug to try for AF. I am concerned about liver and lungs. Don't want to end up with another long term problem! So probably go for ablation, waiting for a date!

I saw your posts. Sorry to hear about your mother. My father died in June and I miss him a lot. He was 93 too.


Thank my thoughts are with you too. It is hard even when you know it is going to happen. Going though the probate and house sale but found they had a lifestyle mortgage to which is a con what they were told and what they have got are very different. We tried to warn them off but he was a good salesman.


Seems to be a lot of con people out there today. You have to watch everyone and everything!


so true


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