morning all

went to hospital yesterday to se a sycologist . to see if they can help me in any way was very interesting was there about hourand a half .we decided I wood join a discussion group for people who suffer with copd ipf and astma . so happy it weht so well we went out to to toby carvery with friends to cellibrate . as usual I ate too much . witch swelled the old belly up that squashed me lungs so couldn't breath . have sat on couch all night . what a plonker . apart from a belly ache don't feel to bad now , mind you its 5.30 aint worth going now . have a nice day and keep on breathing

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I do tobydoo eat too much sometimes but I bet it tasted delicious and rounded off an enjoyable day. Have a good day and glad you learned much. Every little piece of info helps. Makes us more in control. Have a good day.

Hi Tobydoo, glad to hear you had a good day and long chat with psychologist. Talking to others can be a good relieve, so the idea does work. Wish I could have been with you for the celebration meal, hope the group works for you. Have another good day, keep breathing well

Hi tobydoo, glad it went well, I tend to over eat too, tastes nice at the time though. Try and catch a few zzz today so u don't feel so bad. Take care x Sonia x

My husband does that so often - he eats way too much and then is completely breathless!!! Have a deal at home I restrict the amount on his plate! But at least you enjoyed it at the time. Glad you are going to join a group - my husband joined breath easy and it has really helped him. Good Luck, TAD xxx

I have read somewhere that some folk breath in twice and exhale once when eating - therefor trapping air and feeling bloated. Just a thought.

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