Herring gull

Herring gull

Hey, (and dedicated particularly to Huggs) but to all of you too! This is a fierce youngster that lands on the grass to beg for food. My lady neighbour from upstairs tried to tame one to get food from her hand from the top window. I don't think she succeeded. but the gulls are avid for tit bits and pace up and down underneath her (and my) window until they receive something! One tried to flow up to that neighbour's window. I don't quite know what happened, but I heard it and saw it on my windowsill (underneath the neighbour's window) flapping its extended wings not to fall off the sill. I couldn't be quick enough to capture this. This is the best I could do!

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  • yup we have those mean looking critters hear to first of 10 year ago I did not realize how profound was my hearing loss and when I moved to Southport I thought it quaint a seaside town with no gulls that was until last year when It was discovered I needed hearing aids now I hear them all the time

  • Good job, Malcolm my cat wasn't around. He caught a big bird last night and put it on the floor of my buggy as a present. TRUST ME - this is true and I was horrified. But cats do this!!

  • misty my cat is the same for bringing me presents she has somehow found the cache of the local fox and often brings in a headless rabbit which is not a pretty sight to see first thing

  • Hi Michael,

    Absolutely lovely photo, and doesn't he look healthy. Thanks for sharing and dedicating it to me. I feel very special tonight now. Thank you. A lot of people don't like gulls, but I think they are quite magnificent really. They seem so powerful.

    Have a good sleep,

    nighty, night night,

    hugs from Huggs xxxx

  • My hubby loves the sound , always remind him of holidays , lovely looking bird just scary eyes. X Sonia x

  • Sonia, a few years ago, thre was the grandparent of this bird. It used to cackle on the roof. I thought iwas of joy. So I tried it. The bird grew fuirously irritated. whenever It saw me, It tried to dive at me. My wife and I were in our garden. It's too narrow for the bird to land. so it flew over us and ropped its dropping on us. Fortunately we jumped and it missed. I think the bird was removed to France because it was a nuisance, not just to me, but to a jogger, to nurses who cam and parked in the lay by. There was no peace.

    When I see the bird which hasn't known its grandad (!), I keep silent! As the lady nieghbour upstairs has tried to tame the new birds, it's more familiar to us going about. Still I am cautious!

  • Oops, sorry but I had to giggle funny story, can just picture it. Shame u have to be cautious in ur garden but better safe than sorry ( although bird pooping on ur head is suppose to be lucky, I've never felt or had luck when it's happened to me ) take care x Sonia x

  • Yes,I agree Sonia,they are a fine looking specimen,but those eyes!!!!

    Good pic,keep up the photography xx

  • Wendells. Fortunately, I turn to more peaceful photso, like flowers. Thre aren't any carnivorous ones in my garden :-)

  • We have lots of gulls here too and they are such a pain in the backside sometimes. When they have young they dive bomb people who they think are too close and they are always wanting food. They will eat anything and I do not feed them because they are so noisy. Our son does night work and so does a neighbour so the noise is not great. Take care all. xxx

  • I love to walk round the quayside when down in Looe,these noble birds just strut around waiting for food,but I understand they can be nasty,and best not to eat when around them as they will swoop and try to pinch your food,frightening.

  • Redted, Iheard from a taximan, that he saw a couple of these, pushing repeatedly a big binuntil it collapsed, so they could get at the content. REally scary this. Makes me think of "the birds" by Alfred Hitchcock!

  • Yes I know what you mean,I would not want them bomb diving near me,now that would scare me.

  • Hi Helingmic they are quite a large bird I remember in Cornwall one swooping down and stealing my pasty mid munch cheeky blighter ,I do love to watch them do their little dance im not sure why they do it though is it a war dance for the worms I wondered? Hope your keeping well my friend takecare now. :) Janexx

  • Hey Jane, The neighbour from my upstairs flat tried to tame one to get food from her hand. She didn't know the beak is quite strong!

    Little dances are not terribly friendly here.

    A couple of years ago, there were some squabbling seagulls. One had its beak firmly in the other's beak trying to retrieve the food. My neighbour opposite came from behind that bird, stepped one foot and the other on both wings. The other gull fled. He took the bird by the wing and flung it in a semicircle to the sky. The bird flew away never to come back!

    The little ones, with their grey plumage, become very aggressive and territorial about their own little patch of grass!

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