Singing is good lung exercise but boy watch out for the ear drums. (Don't say I didn't warn you) :)

Singing is good lung exercise but boy watch out for the ear drums.  (Don't say I didn't warn you)  :)

Ok the weathers not good so I thought a little indoor exercise might help. Some say singing is good for your lungs, I gave it a go and made a video while I was at it so I could watch how bad I really was. This may put you off music forever but as I said earlier 'dont say I didn't warn you' He He.

My lungs feel great now, its a shame about your ears eh'

Tony :)

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  • My ears are pleading for mercy but my eyes are smiling. You always know how to bring a little sunshine into our day, Tony. And seriously, it wasn't THAT bad. Honest :))

  • Hi Argana, glad it gave you a laugh and put a smile on your face. I did it for a bit of fun :) and also on a more serious note to maybe help my lungs, as they need all the help they can get.

    Just can't understand why my cats left the building, do they honestly believe that they could do better eh' Ha Ha.

  • "Tony!!!.... Wow! well done you. I loved it and I think your voice is so husky and Sooo!! sexy ,I love the gravely sound:) ..Megan"

  • Ha Ha, please don't encourage me as I may become a deluded joke X factor audition'ist in the overs category.

  • that was Brilliant and I spotted the air guitar too - you have a good voice :)

  • Was every note in tune? No. Was it heartwarming and pleasure bringing? Yes, especially the beautifully played air guitar. xx

  • Thanks Toci for your sympathetic review of my ear piercing attempt at making a music video. :)

    I was a master of the air guitar in my younger days so that was no problem. Ha Ha. xx

  • To be honest Dall that was pretty damn good ! :)

  • You little rock star Tony,how brave you are and just blimming great,ggood on yer. :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, great to hear from you as its been a while and I was a little worried so seeing this reply has made my day. I think my Rock Star ambitions began and ended today but it gave a few people a laugh including myself. You say brave I think stupid but when you've had the near death experience you tend not to worry to much about what people think, which can be dangerous for your street cred. :) .

    Tony xxx

  • Hi Tony,

    Thoroughly enjoyed that, as you made me laugh and entertained me at the same time. Loved the shades and the little bit of air guitar. Your lungs got a good work out anyway.

    Me, I love singing but am so dreadful at it. I am tone deaf and cannot hold a note. Lately for some reason I have that song in my head, ' no matter what' by Westlife I think. Anyway as soon as I start singing it Felix bolts from the room at high speed, and will not return until I have been silent for a while. I am now quite offended by master Felix, as when you were singing he put his head right up to the screen and watched and listened intently. I am in the huff with him now. LOL

    hugs from Huggs xxxx

  • Hi Huggs, I think Felix could be my one and only fan, he obviously has no musical taste but I thank him for not running out of the room. Singing is a good workout for your lungs so keep it up Huggs even if it empty's the room and I will await your video, 'Huggs sings Westlife' .

    I'm glad I posted it now seeing as it has put a smile on a few faces and that cant be bad can it.

    Tony. xxxx

  • Ha ha Tony, I could never put myself on video, especially singing. You have a good voice, and did well. I wait until Felix is asleep on the kitchen window sill and close the doors and then give it some welly. lol I am glad you posted it too, and looking forward to the next instalment.

    hugs from Huggs xxx

  • Not bad at all Tony. I have heard a lot worse and you can hold a tune, honestly. Brought a smile to my face anyway so thanks for that. Keep on singing as it seems to be doing you good. Take care xxxx

  • I would say I won't be giving up my day job just yet but I had to give that up 4 years ago when the lungs suddenly decided to give me a few problems. It seems that my aim to put a few smiles on faces worked which in tern puts a great big smile on my face so mission accomplished.

    Singing is good for all of us sassy so give it a go if you dare. :) xxxx

  • I dare Tony and am singing as I type, but of course you can't hear me which you may be grateful for! Keep singing though yourself. xxxxx

  • I'm sure you sound just great sassy and lets face it I haven't set the bar very high have I :) . xxxxx

  • Oh yes you have! Good for you Tony. xxxxx

  • Hey far out man,digging the shades x

  • Its cool babe, launching the record soon on vinyl Ha Ha. xx

  • Be 1st in Q to buy it x

  • I'm aiming to hang the Platinum disc on my wall so I hope that Q is a long one. :) xx

  • O:-)O:-)O:-)

  • From one Tony in England to another Tony Farrugia in Australia. That was fantastic and tomorrow I am of to look for a Choir to practice singing. Thanks Mate

  • Tony I really enjoyed that lung exercise! love the song too,and voice very good, I can't sing myself! son said I sounded like Hilda Ogden ( going back a bit lol! ) great way to start the day, huff ( granfarm55 ) xxx

  • Glad you enjoyed the video Huff, I normally only sing when alone in the house or in the car for a bit of fun but its also good for our lungs and breathing so I thought why not show my mates the Healthunlockeders what I get up to to try and help my situation.

    I don't think its gonna fix my lungs on its own but it definitely helps with my breathing control. :) xxx

  • Hi Tony from down under, as you can see and hear, singing is a bit of fun for me but also its very good for your lungs and breathing control.

    Good luck with the choir, they should teach you to sing properly unlike my efforts. Ha Ha.

  • Brilliant, you raise me up Tony. Love Mx

  • I had a laugh and it gave you a lift so I think my little video was a success yeh'. Thanks for being kinder than I deserve. :) Tony x

  • Well done Tony,you got more bottle than me(and a better voice).Thanks for the entertainment.D.

  • Thanks FarmerD, your being very kind :) and if my voice is better than yours then it must be pretty dam bad He He.

  • I loved your song debut Tony... and your air guitar! AND it made me smile too :) I reckon singing along to favourite tunes is a great work-out for the lungs and lifts the spirits. Inspiration - wouldn't it be great if some of us could sing to the same song and put all the individual parts something that's been shown on the tele?!!! Lol

    By the way, that's the first time I've been able to hear all the words to that particular song...good message,

    brilliant decade ~ Lovelight x

  • Glad you enjoyed it lovelight, it was a bit of fun with a serious message that singing can really help people with weak lungs. It certainly helps my breathing control and stops me from taking shorter quicker breaths which isn't so efficient.

    Your right about a song with a message behind it that we could all take a part in but that would take a computer wizard unlike me to put it all together. It would be fun trying though wouldn't it.

    It seems that I succeeded in making the words a little more clear even though they weren't in the right key eh'.

    Keep smiling Lovelight or I might be tempted to do another :) and there are plenty of good tunes to choose from the brilliant 70s decade.

    Its good to be a Healthunlockeder cus' We Rock don't we. xx

  • :) You bet! xx

  • couldnt hear your singing my speakers are broke and no thats not a sly dig

    where was this pic taken tony it looks devine

  • Hi Mandy, It was probably my voice that broke your speakers Ha Ha. Your probably the lucky one who escaped having to listening to a very unusual rendition of the Strawbs 'Lay Down'. The thing is singing is good for our lungs so I thought I'd show everyone and lead by example and not to worry to much what it sounds like. I had some fun making the video on a rainy day and it seems a few healthunlockeders had some fun watching it and were very merciful with their comments, luckily.

    The pic was taken on the return pathway of my river Severn walk in Worcester and yes its one of my favorite walks with plenty to see and its level all the way, just how us healthunlockeders like it.

    Tony xx

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