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P.I.P Assessment


I,ve just got the date through for my P.I.P. assessment, 16th oct,not really sure what to expect.Both my doctor and i agree,that i am no capable any more of working,due to my emphysema progressing .At the moment i am currently undergoing investigations for having a couple of sub solid 8mm nodules.My third scan is not due until after my assessment,about 2 weeks(scheduled for nov) .Now im not sure if this is of any relevance,but if the results are unfavourable,then it would have a direct influence on my illness.

So should i cancel my assessment until i get my results of my scheduled c.t scan

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Oh brian, a teaser. Can't help sorry. But I'm sure many on here will be able to. Whenever you go good luck and tell them like it is. xx


i wouldnt cancel it could take ages to get another appointment

just remember when you get there they are not interested in what illness you have what they want to know is how it affects your daily need to stick with your worse days and what you cant do on them days and i would try and get someone to go with you to help you get from the car into the building x


Hi Brian go to the appointment. I agree remember to concentrate on your worst days, none of your British upper lip! I have seen the questions they ask online but can't remember where but if you google it I am sure you will find them. There are also websites which can help too - again google them. Good luck x

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If you cancel your assessment it will be forever for the next. But what ever happens after your claim date will not be taken into account, unless it means you will get a ds1500 form less than 6 months left to live.

I take it that you have sent copies to the DWP showing your doctors /consultants papers and concerns?

PIP does not stop you working and claiming, so if you can do part time then it will not affect your claim in any way.

PIP is in 2 parts ( mobility and care)and each pair is split into 2 (high and low) you can have all or one and a combination of either.

I am on Support ESA which states I am and will not be fit for work because my conditions will not improve. However I failed to get enough points for PIP? I now realise most of the claim seems to be in the way it is worded and what you say. We tend to tell them of the good days and put on a front. That is not the way forward you have to tell them of your bad days. It can even down to what you wear! if you dress in a smart clothes with plenty of buttons they will see dexterity if you wear clothes that are easy to put on and comfortable they see the person.

Get some advise from CAB or AgeUK they both have benefit advisor's.

Good Luck


Hi Brianj,

Please give us a call on the Helpline if you want to discuss the appeal and what to expect from it. We're open until 5pm today, 03000 030 555.




Whatever you do don,t cancel your PIP assessment,it could take forever to get another.The other advice above is good.Good luck! D.


I would tell them about your appointment in November and tell them you will send in the results


The ATOS guy was really pleasant when I got my review. He focused on how my emphysema stops me doing things and what I needed help with I.e I don't cook because of my oxygen but I can sit at the table and prepare food, I have to be helped in and out of bath etc .. go to find PIP application and it directs you to scoring system, I have been lucky and awarded PIP. Good luck :)


Ps I also provided a copy of my oxygen prescription and consultant appt.



Had my assessment at 10 am this morning,I really didn,t feel well.The guy that came out was a paramedic,a very pleasant guy,it was quite emotional really , going through my medical history.Anyway think it went ok,but who knows.


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