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Hello everyone just to let you know that i have been on a course for the last 6 weeks. managing the challenge of living with long term condition. It been a great course i have learnt a lot from it how to deal with a lot of thing with long term condition. it has made me think a lot what going to happen to me in my life year to come. yes it going to be hard but with good family it should be ok with the help from everyone one on here i should be ok let hope so

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  • Hi paddy the family on here will support you. Hope you have family/friends close to that can

    I was a carer to an amazing hubby, found this site and they support me now even with hubby gone. I hope to give back.

    You will be ok!!!.

    Many blessings sent your wayxxxxx

  • Thank you rickety 77

  • Hi paddy, glad u enjoyed ur course, and between ur family and friends and us lot on here u've got the best support system ( I think anyway ). Take care x Sonia x

  • "Hello Paddy.

    It is so nice hearing that you not only learnt a lot from your course, but that you enjoyed it too, was your course the pulmonary rehab 6 week course. I was only able to attend my for 5 visit's due to not being well enough. but thankfully my Dr as arranged another 6 week course for me which I am looking forward to. I living alone have found my illness a little daunting, but finding a whole new world and family on here as made it so rewarding and far less lonely. I consider myself so lucky to have found a family I feel close too. I hope that you find it as rewarding as I do..... good luck Paddy with your progress...Megan.."

  • No it was self management of long term health conditions was very good got alto out of it. I am thinking about going on the pulmonary rehab course is any good would to what you through of it. Same I am just the same. I hope so to nice talking to you hope to hear from you soon megan

  • Soo glad you got a lot out of the course. I really really learned a lot when I went on it. You take care - keep posting and it's wonderful you have such a supportive family. Sadly, some of us don't, so treasure them Take care :)

  • Thank you so much your are so right my family mean alto to me form I lost my father at 17 year old there so many people have got what I have.that great that you also got alto out of your course there some good things on them to help us take care Louisiana

  • Morning Paddy! Glad to hear that the course has helped you to be so positive. The support from this site alone is fantastic. Long may you enjoy your life xx

  • Thank you so much I now learn alto that I have the time to do so

  • Hi Paddy,glad you enjoyed the course.I could be wrong,but I don't think it was the rehab course that you did.

    I have a feeling,it was one about living with a chronic condition,I did this a couple of years ago,it was wonderful,a couple of us had Copd,but there were many different conditions,people were having to live with,& it was a real eye opener.

    Wishing you well,Paddy, xx

  • That right I have done the rehab course just yet.yes that the eye you do get your eyes open to what other people have look at your self it not to bad. Wishing you well and happens wendells

  • Paddy, Can you tell us what your condition is, please? And the course, was this Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

    If it is that's brilliant. If you can do exercises at home, outdoors, at the gym, in the garden, that's even better.

    I go 3 times a week to the gym and my consultant whom I've seen today told me that I looked transformed!

  • That ok that you can ask my conditions are bronchiectasis osteoporosis asthma anxiety depression. No it was the pulmonary rehabilitation course just yet thank about that one talking over with my doctor I would like to know a bit more about if you can help understand what about if you won't mind please .it was a course called self management of long term health conditions.yes do exercise at home my uncle got horse to see be out with them when I can. I got a garden to just love being in it growing vegetables. Don't think the gym of me.but good for you so happy for you .take care helingmic

  • I`m happy to read all your posts, just that alone makes me feel better, thanks for the chance to be a part of your community...roo-roo

  • thank you so much Roo-roo for you comment it has made my day. thank you for being a part of my community to hope to talk to you again soon all the best maire.

  • The rehab course taught me to use my inhalers properly (discovered I hadn't been) , learned about medications, very gentle exercise, about lung diseases, about eating well, all sorts of things like that. The team that ran the course were great and very very helpful and upbeat.I got such a lot out of it, even though I am not very good at the exercise bit! :x

  • Thank you Louisiana for getting back to me give me so mean answer to my question that i have just go run with it what they tell but this time i like to have all the answer before i would go with it thank again. same here with the exercise bit that would put me off but not this time.

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