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Please Help, A cough which wont go away

Please help.

About a month ago I start getting this cough which kept interrupting my talk now and then but no major issues like Chest Pain or cough persistency, I start taking syrup which I bought from over the counter for tickly cough but there was no improvement so I decided to see the GP regarding the issue.

She asked me if I am bringing any coloured mucus and I said yes, it was green mucus and she suggested that I do have a bacterial infection, I took one course of antibiotic but still no improvement

A week after I felt a bit unwell and I start feeling these strange sounds in my chest (Wheezing) after each deep exhale so I had to go to A&E.

After listening to my chest, the doctor insisted that I need to have an X-ray, ECG and blood test done, the blood count came back normal; no abnormality on the ECG reading and possibility of chest infection, the doctor recommended another course of antibiotic.

A week of antibiotic there was still no improvement, I had to go the doctor again as I was asked by the A&E doctor to go and see my GP if there is no changes (It was a must).

The doctor (GP) stood up in front of me not knowing what to say other than proposing a repeated X-ray in three weeks’ time.

I have done another X-ray and another blood test and everything came back normal.

My symptoms are: Cough with thick green mucus.

Wheezing when exhaling in my trachea.

Time to time there is this strange sound in my liver-diaphragm area but not painful at all

No Fever, No chest pain, No weight loss, no breathless

During the night no coughing no wheezing.

I would appreciate if you help what I am supposed to do as it is driving me crazy.

Thank you in advanced.

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Ad drink planty of water as helps thin mucus out and i would try one a day hayfever pills

I used hayfever pills and my cough did go a was quite surprised .. a dont know why it worked

Cheers hope ya get it resoved

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Thanks a lot dazisnotsogood for the quick reply, much appreciated.


Hi Moise

Cheers yer i had never suffered from hayfever till this year but thought as helped me it was worth a mention

Cheers all the best


Sorry moise,can't help you there! But it really sounds as if you have an infection.

I would keep annoying the Doctor! hope its better soon xx


It is strange that your cough will not go away. Daz has got a good idea about hay fever pills, and most importantly you must drink as much water as possible. You may need steroids with another course of antibiotics. If that doesn't work talk to your gp, maybe you need to see a respiratory Nurse/Consultant.

Let us know how you get on. xx


Good idea from Daz my sister suffers with a persistent cough which only subsides with antihistamines! Other than that a call to the helpline - they may have some ideas. Good Luck TAD xx


Noise have you done a sputum sample to be tested? You sound to me like you still have an infection, and you are possible not on the correct anti biotic for the infection that you have

Which antibiotic are you on? and I agree that perhaps you may need steroids as well as your antibiotic, to finally clear the infection up. sometimes infections are very hard to clear & I have in the past been on a months antibiotics before it finally clears up. make sure you clear the gunk out of your lungs by doing your active cycle of breathing exercises, perhaps use a nebuliser ANYTHING to get the stuff up from off of your lungs.....try to keep exercising as much as you can

If you have not had your sputum tested you need to get some sample pots from your doctor ( or hospital).....

I hope you get over this infection very soon

Love Sohara

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Hi Sohara.

What do you mean by " make sure you clear the gunk out of your lungs by doing your active cycle of breathing exercises"? I've been having issues ever since I had a virus back at the end of May (currently awaiting phone call from doc with blood test results) and I've noticed that the symptoms seem to improve if I can clear my chest. Is there a way of doing this?


Legion....go to you tube and type in Active cycle of breathing...or type in huff/cough then you can see the breathing techniques you need yo get the sputum out of your lungs

Everyone has mucous in their lungs...normal healthy people just give a small cough a couple of times a day to get it out...People with COPD and any of the other lung related illnesses, have more sputum then most and the ONLY way to get it out is to cough it out...and you HAVE to get it out,( especially during an infecetion) otherwise it will cause more problems for you, inhibit your breathing , promote infection growth & do damage to your lungs

Regular exercising will also help you to get the stuff up too.

The aim is to get as much air behind the mucous as you can, then to huff the sputum up higher in the lungs, so it is easier to cough out

I will look for a link for you

Love Sohara

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try and source some proteolytic enzymes probably easier to just eat some pineapple and papaya everyday,

well worth researching this subject Legion also a virus cannot replicate in an oxygenated environment so hydrogen peroxide would help you only the 35% in distilled water.


Very generous of you all for replying very soon.

I forgot to mention that when I went to A&E I was given a small cup to put my sputum in but unfortunately as soon as the doctor saw the X-ray she said there is no even a point to take the sputum sample as the X-ray overruled the presence of any kind of bacterial or viral infection.

I went this morning to my GP to discuss the outcome, and she asked about my last night sleep and I told that it was good, not a single issue, breathing properly, no wheezing, nothing at all.

She disappointedly told me to leave the situation as it is and I need to come back and see her in three weeks’ time if no improvement noticed.

Now I cannot even go back to work as the Owner of the company is thinking that my presence at work could be a risk of spreading a contagious illness, He noticed that I am coughing and frequently going to the loo to get rid of the mucus so he generously offered me a paid week to sort out the issue or at least finding out what is it?.

Oh well, what can I do?


Well if that's what the hospital doctor said, I guess that is correct BUT I personally have never been coughing up green sputum without having had an infection.

Did your GP listen to your chest? or just ask you if you were wheezing?

I have posted a couple of links about breathing techniques to help clear the lungs, hopefully these will help you

IF you are still coughing up green mucous I would go back to the doctor, I myself do not feel that this is OK...perhaps you could ask to be referred to a chest clinic consultant

Good luck


Hi Sohara

I am fully convinced that the presence of mucus (Green) is defining an infection (Bacterial or Viral).

As I mentioned before, the A&E doctor had recommended another X-ray based on what she heard, (wheezing and crackling sound) not just that, but she asked for it as top priority because she was thinking that could be pneumonia. This how bad it was at the A&E.

The consultant who was with her at that time said, it could be an asthma triggered by stress.

Tell me what you think?

Strange huh!!.


Hi have you done a sputum test? if not ask the Doctor or nurse about doing one. They can tell from that if you are being prescribed the correct antibiotics.

polly xx


Sorry must have replied at the same time.

polly xx


some links


ask your boss if i can work for him


Hi moise,I had something similar a while ago and although I had had a chest xray that my dr said was fine I knew it wasnt .He hadnt even checked my chest and when he did diagnosed hayfever,which had developed to asthma and a chest infection.He put me on 2 different puffers 1 with steroids plus a course of anti biotics wh i ch ended up as 10 courses and seeing the asthma nurse on a regular basis.I am telling you all this moise as I suggest you push your dr more

.Welearn our own bodys and know when it is not right.There is so much help on this site and so many wonderful people who share so much good advise.Wish you well and hope you keep in touch.


by the way I am finr now.still wheeze a bit but so grateful to feel better th a n I did :))


I am so happy there are still wonderful people like you guys, it feels like a second family.

Thanks coughleigh, I was and still am thinking that is exactly what it is, a hay fever which has developed to asthma and infection.

I decided finally to have an appointment with respiratory system specialist to find out once for all about the issue I am facing and I promise that I will keep in touch and inform you guys about the news.

If you have more suggesting please do keep it coming .

Again, thank you ever so much for been nice, I really appreciate the efforts.


So glad you are taking this further.Stick to your guns Moise and hopefully you will get the diagnosis and medication you need.Lovely to heat from you mags xx


first cut out dairy products this always increases the density of mucus, also dairy is not good for us so your overall health will improve no end by cutting this out,

stop taking the antibiotics they kill the good bacteria in your stomach and are completely pointless as they only work on an infection if it is still growing and not if it is fully developed,

there's a few things that will kill the infection the first is go and source some bears garlic bite down on a clove with your molars for about 3-4 minutes this should get rid of the cough garlic is high in lysozymes which is the stage above penicillin and works on all stages of bacteria growth, fleming stated penicillin would only work for a certain amount of time before the bacteria developed an immunity to it whereas lysozymes would always have the right make up in order to beat any invading nasties make sure any of the elderberry or anything else you drink hasn't been pasteurised as this renders all juices dead. carrot and onions also contain lysozymes as well as egg white, bears garlic is the most medicinally active of all the garlics. Lysozymes are sulphur based and heat destroys sulphur so no cooking with whatever you choose to take.

Get some elder berry juice or tea elder berry kills nearly all bacterial infections.

you can also get some 35% hydrogen peroxide and mix 7 drops into one gallon of distilled water shake well to get rid of bleachy taste drink about one litre a day this will give your entire immune system a boost and everyone should be taking this everyday.

Always look at the MSDS or the side effects of any pharmaceutical drug then decide if you want to put these toxins into your body or find a natural cure, all pharma drugs are taken from nature first then synthesized due to a company not being able to patent a plant.

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you need a scan xrays dont always show up whats wrong my xrays always showed i was ok yet ive got COPD and bronchectasis


Thanks jinni73, I am taking in board every single word you mentioned.


Moise, for coughing, i finally have found a homeopathic herb that cleard my throat, my cough, and helped me get the phlem out...i bought a bottle of Oregano oil herb i useed 4 to 5 drops in a shot glass of water I gargled (as my prefrence) then swallowd all...I must worn you it does burn! I personally got so used to it it does not bother me anymore and i prefer all my symptoms to go away, the burn only last a few seconds the water takes it all away...before i used it i had laryngitis also....hope this helps you...


Hi guys, I just got back from my consultant physician done few test (ECG for congestive heart failure,

Full blood count to overrule any kind serious issues, X-ray for infection detection, spirometer test for bronchiectasis detection and asthma test), he notices that I was significantly low on the asthma test, scored 4.19 as oppose to the normal 6.2, considering my age and my height.


Severe asthma (even though I didn’t have the symptoms) which irritated the airways got them inflamed and caused infection which explained the presence of the mucus for the last 45 days.


Two different inhalers to be taken 3 times a day and when needed.


I have to tell you guys that I was and still I am a victim of google medical search, here is the thing.

* It is nice to know about the symptoms and which illness is associated with it but please don’t go further than that as it will drive you crazy,

* Have a piece of mind and go to GP instead of spending hours or maybe days in google trying to find out about something which probably you don’t have in the first place.

* Allow time between medical appointments. I have visited four GPs in three weeks, now that is crazy!!! And if you asked me why, I blame myself and myself only for searching google about the associated illnesses to my symptoms, you type in Cough with mucus in google search engine and you will find yourself drowned in scary information which makes awake for nights thinking about it.

It doesn’t stop there but after a short period of time you start convincing yourself that you do have a serious problem which I am pretty sure you don’t.

Now, would you rather sitting down with your family enjoying quality time and fill up the mind with something cheerful or get yourself into vicious circle full of stress and bad thoughts?

You choose as the choice is yours, yes it is yours and it is nobody else’s.

You have been a second family to me, living my thoughts and my concerns I would like to thank you sincerely.

Keep in touch.

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Did you go privately or were your referred by an NHS doctor?


Hi there, have you had a ct scan as I had two clear X-rays but a scan showed I have Bronchiectasis; I had the same symptoms as you? Just a thought x good luck!


Hi moise. I am from India. Am suffering with same problem please give me a suggestion to come out of that.


Help me plzz


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