Very upset

Struggling today sat in a carpark writing this and crying. Been a difficult 6weeks COPD diagnosis not being well on top of that a planned op for women problems and constant pain in chest or back which they say is reflux. Medication they gave me for reflux made me very ill so stop taking it but pain in chest and back is here again reckon silent reflux. So totally changed diet nothing red, no booze, processed food, fried food, chocolate, tea and coffee yet still feel crap, tired and emotional and pain doesn't ease up. Feel doctors not listening. And to top it all arguing with my husband he said christsake Tracey your only 40 have some fun relax he wanted me to have a class of wine but I darent I don't want to feel worse he was so annoyed I can hardly eat only positive being I'm losing weight but as Dr said I've a long way to go! I just feel hopeless it must be hard my my hubby I'm always tired falling asleep on the couch the future with me is bleak. Proper feeling sorry for myself just overwhelmed weak and pathetic. Get through today hopefully brighter tomorrow.

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  • Oh Tracy I do feel for you when you are feeling so rotten maybe when you r medication is all sorted out you will feel better But don't forget we are all here to listen and help

    Take care

    Dorothy xx

  • Hello Tracey, so sorry you are feeling overwhelmed with it all. I'm not surprised. I only had a chest infection and a diagnoses COPD stage three and I went completely to pieces. Take one little step at a time. Once you have the reflux under control and the woman's problems sorted you will probably feel more able to take control of COPD. Believe me it can be done. Take care. I'm thinking of you and just keep looking in here for support xx

  • Hi Tracey, I am sorry to hear of your struggles. I would advice you to get that reflux treated as the silent reflux can make you feel terrible, it is draining, is causing pain and causing a feeling of being unwell. (it did with me at least). There are many different classes and medications to treat reflux out there so you should be able to find one that suits you. And keep persisting with it even if you get some minor side effects as they may go away after a few days (of course talk to your dr with major and even minor side effects).

    You could also ask your dr to give you a low dose of an antidepressant (they are not addictive): they will help you relax, get more and better sleep and therefore make you feel a whole lot better (I have done that and would not have believed how well a low dose works) - talk to your dr about that as well. I feel that once you have the above issues under control, you will feel much better in yourself, stronger and positive and you will be able to tackle the women's issue and also the COPD. Drop in here for chats and advise. Lots of hugs and love to you, take carexxxx

  • Hi Tracey, so sorry ur feeling so low and in pain, we have all been there and still go there quite often, try the anti depressants I'm on them have been for years I still cry and get angry but it's normally only for a day instead of days as b4, keep badgering ur doctors they can be dismissive , but don't just put up with things, and unless u have been told not to I'm sure a glass of wine won't hurt u, it is hard on partners especially when ur younger like us for them to accept big changes and that u can't do certain things or u have to do them slower, I've had my condition for a while now , and my hubby and kids have a go at me now for trying to do to much lol, and feeling sorry for urself is acceptable I do lots of the time. Chin up enjoy ur good days and accept ur bad days that's how I cope with now, still come on here for a moan on my bad days as everyone is so supportive, great pick me up. Hope ur day gets better, u know where we are if needed. Take care x Sonia x

  • oh tracey you sound just how i felt a few days ago and i hate to say it but its prob the time of the month thats got you in such a state because for me it triggers everything back plays up my migraines kick in and my breathing gets worse.

    i would definitely get back to the gp and tell him you dont feel like your been taking seriously because you may not be

    your co2 levels could be behind you sleeping so much or perhaps a bit of depression but im 49 with very severe copd and i know when i feel sleepy its my co2

    it sounds to me that you need to be seen by the respiratory team and have a hover all ....why dont you start by getting some advice from the nurses you can contact via this need to start somewhere and im sure you feel overwhelmed by it all

    mybe your back pain is being caused form something else ..people tend to link in every single thing with copd you should ask for an xray if you havnt had one x

  • Thinking of you Tracy and sending you a warm hug ~ Lovelight xx

  • Hi Tracy, it is understandable that you feel so rubbish at the moment as everything is happening at once. It is like a snowball rolling out of control but things can and will improve for you. You need to listen to the good advice on here and get the reflux treated. Make your doctor listen, tell him that the first lot of medication made you feel really ill and he can suggest something else. There are lots of treatments out there.

    It must be a shock for hubby too but, in time, you can both learn to adapt and to make the most of your lives together. It is not all doom and gloom and life does go on in as good a way as it can. Please contact the BLF nurses tomorrow as they can hopefully re-assure you.

    Wishing you well and hoping that tomorrow is indeed a brighter day. Lots of love and good wishes. xxxxx

  • thinking of you Tracy lots of love x

  • Awwww Tracey me heart goes out to ya.

    Ditto what the other ladies say discuss the benefits of antidepressants with your dr - I've been on them for years and know what its like when I forget them!

    You have a couple of choices here you can give in or you can put up your best fight. If you are feeling angry and you can - go for a walk in the fresh air. Try to keep busy and think about the things you enjoy. Fight you corner and tell the drs how you feel and what help you would like maybe counselling? Whatever but until you voice your concerns you cannot expect others to be mindreaders! Tell your family if you need help we are not superwomen - we all need a little help. You will get help and support from this site without judgement. But (dare I say) we are a special bunch on here. Been there done that got the 'T' shirt but always learning and supporting.

    It is still early days for you - you can put up a fight! The more healthy you are will help you with your recovery.

    God bless and keep posting


  • Thank you for all your replies xx I've seen the doctor he's given me 3 different lots of tablets to try so fingers crossed and I've been asleep for 2hrs so feeling better now. Being able to share on here and be supported has meant a lot thank you all xxx

  • Chin up lovely!!!!

  • hiya tracy and welcome :)

    Put some books under your bed at the top so you sleep on a slope - this will help keep the acid from coming up - it really does help.

  • Oh sweetie you sound so down and with every good reason. I wonder if one your cod meds is causing the reflux? When my husband has had it it has been really awful. Perhaps a call to the BLF helpline could help you. Give them a call Tom. I hope that you feel much better in the morning take good care xx

  • a big welcome here, but och tracey, its rotten to read of this, but glad you have "opened" up on here ,that will help you alone, there are so many kind and wonderful people on this forum,which helped me greatly at the beginning, i am sure they will help and support you, i am so glad you at least feel a wee bitty better after your sleep, i pray that you continually begin to feel better ,, lots of love and kind thoughts,,,jimmy xxxxx

  • Dear Tracey - everything is happening at once, so it's no wonder you feel at rock bottom. As everyone else says, keep badgering your GP, and ask about anti-depressants, raise your pillows so you don't lie flat...all the things that are in other replies. Keep posting on here, rant and rave and carry on as much as you like....I haven't ever see anyone be criticised for it on this site!!! :) :) :) Sending lots of special wishes....will be watching out for you and checking to see how you are. :)

  • Thank you I'm really touched. I'm off to bed as tired again and pain in back bad only had I slice of toast, a chicken broth and a roll yet still seem to be suffering. Maybe new meds will work tomorrow I hope so... Thank u for all your suggestions and kind words bless u all

  • Hi Tracey I really hope you have a good sleep and feeling a little bit better in the morning. Take care x

  • Try peptic liquid for the reflux It works well for me I am on Omprazole? as well and have been for many years. Stress will make the reflux worse so it is a bit of a circle of problems. Look hard at the half full glass. Get your hubby to read though a few of these posts it takes time to live with. But support from GP friends and FAMILY are also the key to moving forward.

    Be Well

  • Hi Tracy,welcome lovey.Everything that is applicable has been said by these wonderful people.I also went on anti-depressants as my home situation although very loving was that thet didnt understand what I was going through untill my husband had a talk with the dr and after a while I was put on the medication that suited me.Things are so much better now.Hope to see you on here again talking instead of sitting in a car park crying again :))xx

  • Hi Tracey

    It has been a couple of days since you posted and I was just wondering how you were doing - we are all here for you.

    You can pm me (private message) if you dont feel comfortable telling the whole site - we are all here to support each other - ANY TIME!


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