the taxman cometh

A Christmas meal at an expensive restaurant is disturbed by a woman screaming!! "My son is choking!! " she cries. He,s swallowed a sixpence [shows you how old the joke is lol D: ] in the Christmas pudding!! Please, anyone- help!!

Whithout speaking a man stands up at a nearby table, and walks over nonchalantly. Smiling pleasantly, he grips the boy by the "gonads" and squeezes as hard as he could, The boy screaming and crying out,,,But out pops the coin.

"Thank you so much " beams the relieved mother. "Are you a paramedic ? "

"No" replied the man,,,,,,,,"I work for the inland revenue" !!!!!!! :D

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Oh Jimmy it may be an old joke, but its still very funny. Giggling away to myself at the relief of the mother and oblivious to the agony of her son. lol

hugs from Huggs xxx

aye huggs, the old ones are the best,,,,, now have you paid your taxi,, sorry your taxes :D ,,[i,ll be getting thrown off this forum ha ha],, love jimmy xxx

Morning humour love it, take note gentlemen , pay your taxes. X Sonia x

thats right sonia,, a warning to all,,,ha ha,,,,love jimmy xxx

lollollollol :) :)

mind now eyes pay your tax,,, like me , i paid for a packet of tacks just last week,lol D:..jimmy

:) :) :)

lol very good thank you xx

lol Jimmyw123 great to have a laugh

Lol very good

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