In Praise of Air Liquide

Came downstairs this morning to find the alarm light blinking on my Concentrator. Rang the emergency number at 0715 and a very nice lady told me to get on to my emergency cylinder, then took me through the power reset phase which made no difference.

She then said an engineer would be there within 4 hours. He came at 0905, with replacement concentrator, confirmed my old one was knackered, (white powder all underneath), and was away by 0915. Now back to normal.

6 Replies

  • Good morning Alan, what a way to start your day. Glad panic over and that you have new concerntrator. Have a good day.x

  • Wow great service,must have made your day! xx

  • Morning Alan , glad they came so quickly and sorted it out for u. Enjoy ur day and take care X Sonia x

  • That kind of reaction is virtually unknown today. Praise has indeed been earned. What could have been a stressful time for you has been avoided

  • yes, that really was great service and off course would give you great confidence in them for the future, great to here the likes of that nowadays,,,,,jimmy

  • Brilliant! I too am with Air Liquide and have found them most courteous at all times.

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