IDS the quite not Right

IDS the quite not Right

In The News Today Iain Duncan Smith as proposed

Terminally ill face being forced to do work experience or losing their benefits

Well I hate to burst the Fu""""" Bubble but he needs to read up on bull he's government is being reprimanded for

As what IDS is proposing is a clear Breach of Human Right's Law under EU law so before IDS spouts is Sh"""" he needs to read up on the law .... The Daft C"""" coz as of yet the state dose not have the right to kill you .. or part take in any action that results in your death.

Also HM Coroner Courts have expressed liability issues with said law and those being denied food water medical treatment under said act .... well unless they Privatise NHS as that's one way round that one and said act

Now you know why Tories want to get rid of Human Rights Law


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  • Come the revolution Daz, he'll be first against the wall eh'. This guy sinks lower than a snakes belly. Tony.

  • Defo agree with ya there dall05

    Cheers thanks

  • I know 2 people that have had their benefits taken away suddenly and who are being forced to try and work. Sadly, one of them who hadn't been able to leave the house for over 30 years due to mental health problems has now committed suicide. I don't think these situations have even been considered. Very sad indeed.

  • Very shocking daz but not surprising. Nothing they won't stoop to.

  • Another gem: Just read that Boris Johnson signing approval for "affordable" housing. The affordable monthly rents are £1170 (one bed flat) to £2800 (four bed flat).


  • It would appear from the report that is those on “work-related activity group” that will be affected. This also was in 2012 which was when they were testing the water with the UC idea and major changes to DWP. It has now been replaced with the benefit card idea. This would stop people using it for alcohol, drugs etc. (In their world) However they are only going to hurt those that have the ability to choose how they spend their money.

    I would say this is just a smoke blowing exercise as what they claim is only 0.007% of those being paid by the DWP. It also strengthens concept of people not wanting to work! These are the people from all parties that expect me to live on less than they want in a pay rise to exist!!!

    I for one would love to be in work and back to earning a living wage. But unless I can find an employer that will allow for my times of being unable to do even the simplest of tasks. It will not happen.

    I was put in an NVQ IT Training course many years back, which has always been a passion of mine. Within a short time I had rewritten their Training Manuel to meet the NVQ criteria. I also taught the class 3 days a week and assisted the Assessor in marking their papers. All this did was give me a sense of being! I was a free asset to the training group. I got a job while on the course and on leaving they said that as the scheme was set, they could never of employed me. Even though they wanted too?

    "Statistics can be made to give you the answer you want" Harold Wilson

    Be Well

  • I could just smack that face!! think how much money could be saved if they didn't get any expenses!

  • I could just smack that face!! think how much money could be saved if they didn't get any expenses!

  • Hi Daz,if I expressed my feeling about ids I,d be arrested so I won,t.This government has wasted so much of our money they should all be in jail!D.

  • I just pray they don't get re-elected next year!

  • There are just no words to describe IDS - well, there are a few but I don't want to be slung off the forum!!!!

    This is the creature who said he could live on Jobseekers for a week - when challenged he went ever so quiet. He and his fat-cat friends spend more than that for a meal at their swish restaurants.

  • Yes heard today re their wanting to sign out of the European Human Rights agreement spouting their reason is unfair to the UK as it helps terrorists etc. - but not fooled in the least its about the sort of policies they would like to introduce that target the weakest in society with impunity - as per your post Daz - thank you - and who knows how many other awful disgusting policies they have up their sleeve for the rest of us - God help us if those b****rs get in again. Shameful.

  • I quite agree with you daz most of us on here are terminal whatever stage we are at things only get worse for COPD patients how in Gods name can a person who struggles to breathe carry out renumeration work of any kind, in the end we are going to fill up the hospitals with people who should not be their but because of one stupid minister who thinks he can force disabled people to work or go hungry starve and then succumb to their weakness probably earlier than they thought he is a first class ars****. At least the vote is 100% no and when they change me over to ESA they granted me that plus the care component as I was too ill to work best ease of or my blood pressure will rise and I might follow suite and come out with a few choice words of my own. the actual paragraph states as follows:-

    You have been placed in the support group because your illness or disability restricts the possibility of working. This means you do not have to take part in any work related activity, but you can volunteer to see a personal advisor if you want to. There is more information about this in this s letter about this included in this letter.

    All I can say to this is what a load of bull :poop:

  • Nothing surprises me anymore and only last week Ed Millerband claimed if his party were re- elected they would continue with this ESA, PIP and Atos after all this is the brain child of the labour party it could be time for a new brush labour or Tories wont get my vote

  • Odious little man - how can he justify the way he treats the disabled and chronically sick! cx

  • Oh daz I hate the lot of them, cons lab libs and politicians what ever party, all the same, promise everything and give nothing. Just line their own pockets and safeguard their cushy jobs. Thank goodness I'm old. I would hate to be starting out now. I reckon we have the makings of a genuine, honest and good new party among us on this forum. I'm sure we would achieve more and be fairer. If they really care they would cut their expenses, holidays and be honest. They all think we are stupid and can't see through them.

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