Royal Brompton adventure!

So,Wednesday afternoon off to the Brompton,3.o,clock I thought traffic should,nt be too bad.Inexperienced cab driver manage to find them all though.Horrific journey!Then the lung function tests,forgot how hard work they are,breathing been bad for a while and was told not to use my inhalers so it was even worse.Great bunch of people however so made it all good.Journey back home if anything even worse.So to Thursday.Booked this cab at the same time as the other one but they have no knowledge of it 8.15 Steam emanating from my ears,only got an hour to get there.Ring different cab.This one,s a lot better actually goes the right way,pre tty quick too.So a bit more relaxed.Chest x-Ray then ECG then chat with physio.Time to meet Dr Hind,very amiable chap.Then he tells me he,s thinking of lung reduction .Wow,I did,nt think that was on the cards.So, got to get a bit fitter and off the pesky steroids and hopefully go for it!I,m soooo pleased I could kiss you all(even Dazer lol)

Next appointment 3 months so going to look for a gym for the winter.Woohoo!!!D. :D PS.Won,t be using useless Scorpio Cabs North London again!

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  • Whoopy Farmer, drinks all round on you. cheers. So pleased for you. Oh I think Dazer is a little cutie. Make sure you find that gym and improve that fitness so you are ready. I'm sure Tony can give you a few tips xx

  • Sorry Suzy,Idid make a reply but in my excitment must have forgot to submit it.Thanks,I,m sure Daz is a cutie just not my type really lol( I like mine a bit more feminine haa haa)Hope you are well Suzy all the best.D. XXX.

  • Well looks like all that hassle was well worth while Farmer - pleased for you. Let us know how it all goes. love cx

  • Thanks Cof,funny really four different drivers,first two rubbish second two great and each one a different price for the same journey.What the hell who cares lol.Cheers take care!.D.

  • Great news farmerD, keep well and take care for the next 3 months. X Sonia x

  • Thank you Sonia , just been looking through and realised in my excitment did,nt submit some of my replies,hope you are well and preparing for the nasty old winter,take care.D. XXX.

  • a big smacker from me (kiss) :) :) :)

  • Thank you Eyes,I,m wallowing in all the kisses and kindness! :d

  • Brilliant news farmer, I'm so glad they are doing something for you and so soon too. Don't you just love surprises!!! Get strong and as fit as you can. I'm well pleased for you. x

  • Thanks a lot Casper,hope you are well!D.

  • Good news - and good wishes for building up your strength and fitness.

  • Thanks a lot Trees,hope you are well.D.

  • Ow what lovely news for you and encouragement for all. Take care get stronger and fitter and look forwards to the results

    Kindness always ;p

  • Thank you ,hope you are well.Regards D.

  • Hey great news - good incentive to get to the gym. Lots of love TAD xx

  • Yeh Tad,I get so knackered going miles on the scooter the exercise has gone out the window,need to discipline myself.More walking less scooter,making myself walk before I,m allowed on the scooter.Regards to you and hubby.D.

  • How wonderful..its always good to hear there is something they can was well worth all the trouble you had getting to The Brompton.

    Try REALLY hard now to exercise as much as you can, this will really help you. I have heard such great reports of improvement after lung reduction. I do hope they can do this for you Farmer

    Lots of love Sohara xxx

  • Congrats on a great outcome after all the travels!

    Won't send you any xx you've got enough lol!

    So here's a big hug for you!!

  • Thanks Wends,can never get too many hugs and kisses lol,hope things are going well for you.D.

  • Keep going farmer. Good outcome but sorry for all the hassle. Stay well and get fitter

    Big hugs

  • Thank you Tazzy,hope things are good with you too,all the best.D.

  • Great news, keep pedalling at he gym and hope all goes well barnowl

  • Thank you Barnowl,still to find a gym so going to walk my socks off.Don,t actually wear socks any more ,too much effort lol but you know what I mean.Regards D.

  • You know that because of your condition you can book hospital transport. That should help you with going and coming back.

    I loved the Brompton. I was boked in (in 1884) to stay in for five days, so they could do all the tests. I am very grateful for them, because my consultant in London didn;t know why I had recurrent chest infection and antibiotics (Amoxycillin) didn't work. Now I moved to Kent, but I have a very good consultant who saved my life with the right drugs and his microbiologist in 2010 diagnosed teh right illness: TB. Thanks to them, I've been able to go to the gym, gt rid of TB and improve no end.

    I shall be cautious now, because there's a change of weather on the way. Hope you stay as healthy as possible. Hug, Mic

  • Thanks Mic,I,ve heard some horror stories about hospital transport,really long waits,going all round London til they get you etc.The journey is minor really in the scheme of things just needed a bit of a moan lol.Strangely just been sent an appointment from my other hospital,North Mid. For an Orthopaedic Surgeon,I have no idea what that,s about.I,ll email them on Monday .Hope you are thriving ,regards D.

  • Good news for you and something to look forward to.

    all the best with getting stronger and lowering the steroids Mr Farmer. P

  • Thanks Peeg,just hope both the NHS and I last long enough.Hope you are well,regards .D.

  • We'll all help to keep you going D. Take loads of Vit c & zinc if your system

    allows it to keep those bugs at bay.

    I'm not bad thank you. Just feel like a broken person from moving house at the moment. Homeless at the moment until I decide where to live.

    I was in SW London until last Tuesday (only 20mins from the Royal Brompton)!

    Trying to remember my own Vit c & zinc!

    Take care D :)

  • Absolutely chuffed for you Farmer D. It's about time you got some good news.

  • Thank you Argana,hope you well,regards D.

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