Thanks again

Thanks again

Been to see the nurse today spirometer test, my COPD is a little worse but nothing major, I told her how horrid I felt after last weeks sick note fiasco , she said she would talk to the Dr about how let down I felt and about my meds because they needed to change something.

She rang just and said the Dr is referring me for pulmonary rehab and he wanted to see me re sick note.

Bad news I can't have the flu jab because I had a bad reaction last year, I am gutted.

Thanks again to everyone that helped me feel better last week xxx

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  • The card I promised for all you lovely people , xx

  • Hi astral, pretty card, glad ur getting things sorted at the docs. Take care x Sonia x

  • aha there it is...its lovely and glad you got somewhere with gp x x

  • hi astrel, and your butterflys have just put a big smile back on mi face, :):) but serious now tho, im glad your getting sorted at the dcs ,,asterl when you had bad reaction to the flu jab how what way was you feeling, xx I had mine last Friday and since then im hot cold n sweatin but other wise im ok, its easing of now tho, thank gawd..xx

  • Hi twiceshy, my reaction was my arm swelling very much it was red and twice as big as it should of been and that lasted for weeks, glad you are feeling better now x

  • hi astrel, thanks mines getting there, astrel did you have any pain, but im glad your ok now an all my bestest at your dcs ye,,look after yourself ye, xx

  • Yes it was very painful but the Dr thinks it would be worse if I had it again. x

  • aw look after yourself then astrel ye,, and thank you xx

  • such a beautiful card Astral I do hope you get sorted soon

  • Your card is utterly lovely. Well done on telling your nurse about feeling let down. You will enjoy the rehab clinic.....take care :)

  • Hi Astrel,pretty picture txs.You should enjoy the rehab,I heard a few people with the pneumonia jab,2 nd time round,had that nasty swelling,

    Take care xxx

  • Beautiful card! Thankyou. Glad that the COPD is not really any worse and really pleased to hear you are being referred for pulmonary rehab - it was fantastic for my husband. Gets lots of hand gel over the flu season and take lots of vitamin C and a vitamin D is supposed to be good for the immune system. Take good care, TAD xx

  • What a beautiful card Xx

  • "So sorry to read of your Spirometer tests coming back to you as worse Astrel. I can relate with you so well, as yesterday I was called in to see my Dr after having my Spirometer tests last week only to be told that it is now at very severe stage, which as come as a total shock to me as I was only diagnosed 4 months ago with COPD. and listening to lots of advise, one the very things I did was to give up smoking, which I have done not because I am clever, but the fear of putting another cigarette to my mouth was to big a massive fear. I am so glad though that I came by this site, for everyone as been so supportive to me. I cant thank every one enough for there kindness and all the helpful tips which I do take on board ..Astrel keep yourself so positive. and I just love the card you made, you have such talent. thank you for sharing it with us...Megan..."

  • Hi Mega, thank you for your kind words, I am sorry about your bad news, strange isn't it I was told give up fans eat healthy and no alcohol and although nothing can repair the damage it won't get worse, I have followed all and feel worse now than I did when I was smoking drinking and eating rubbish, take care and hope you feel better xx

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