There's so much going on for IPF week

There's so much going on for IPF week

You may have seen some of the blogs we've been sharing here on Health Unlocked for World IPF Week. Andrea Corr, lead singer of the Corrs shares her story and West Ham United join in by blowing bubbles. We're overwhelmed by the number of people who have been blowing bubbles in support of IPF. Here is a pic of the Hull PF support group doing just that. It shows that no one has to face pulmonary fibrosis alone. You can see what we've been up to by visiting

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Grrreat! Actually I blow bubbles a lot and it really helps :)

It's fun as well! If you'd like to post a pic then I'd love to see one!

Oh dear, I am sooo not computer literate...I think I am wonderful that I can send emails and do a bit of online shopping! I haven't got a camera and even if I did I wouldn't have a clue how to send pics.....sorry!!!! Lots and lots of luck with your week. :)

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