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Hi everyone, I moved into my bungalow 3 years ago, and from day one could smell smoke, but only in the bedroom, my next door neighbour did not smoke, so it's quite a mystery why this should happen, I went to see a medium a few weeks ago, and one of the first things she said to me was that I could smell cigarette smoke in the bedroom, and she said it was the previous tenant who had died and comes back to see what I have done to the place. I was quite impressed, well I can tell you I wish he would stop coming to see me the smell of the smoke makes me feel quite sick

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we had similar experiences when my maternal grandpa died we knew when he was in the house by the smell of his tobacco he loved to smoke in his pipe, then on the night my Nan died I woke up a bit fuzzy as I had felt the bed go down as though some one was sitting on it I could smell his pipe once again and I just said hi grandpops are you lonely and suddenly the weight lifted of my bed and I heard a voice it was grandpops he just said got to go now me mams coming home and that was the last experience I had with the other side my grandfather was from a family of mediums and I developed but not kept it up. Just so nice that he kept coming for some company until his wife of 75 years passed over and joined him and yes I do believe life goes on.

Wow that's spooky. Have you tried just telling the spook to go away? My mother swore this worked when she had a spirit in her flat :) x

Dont know whether to laugh or cry!! This could lead on to accounts of the supernatural. Do people believe in ghosts or ghostly atmospheres. I could tell a few tales, believe me. Any heavy breathing, presume they have a chest problem!!!

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oh pergola tell us

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OK, MANDY, here goes! Many years ago, we rented a flat in a very old house (built by Empress Eugenie of Farnborough for her staff). Our 3 year old daughter had a bed room in the upper floor which she loved with all her toys. BUT every November, she would refuse to sleep in the room. Then she would ask to go back at the end of the month,

The story was that there was a fire in the room above where a little girl slept. (Decades before) There was a fire and both she and the fireman rescuing her perished in the fire. My next door neighbour swore she could hear the fireman thumping up the stairs each November. My contribution. xxx

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oh that is very strange but ive got to be honest the first thing i thought was how lucky you were to be able to live in such an historical building because im love social history.

many years ago in the middle of the day as i was washing dishes i hear a mans voice as clear as day call my name it was a very odd experience x



I have absolutely no doubt there's something there I've had many experiences . The latest was Monday when I was talking to my niece on Facebook she lives in America, she was having a moan of how unloved by her mother she feels it's totally untrue. So I was explaining how her mother has her own demons etc, and to treasure her mum as she wont always be there, and that I would give everything to have one last chat and a cuppa with my mum, with that her photographed dived off the mantelpiece. I just say hello mum.

Kim xxxx


perhaps you should strip the old wallpaper off and redecorate as that would have soaked up the smell x

The bungalow was stripped from back to front I have everything taken out and renewed all the wall were stripped and repainted a new kitchen and bathroom all new skirting boards, all new flooring, so God alone knows where the tobacco smell is coming from I think it may remain a mystery

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oh now that is bizarre x

Sounds to me like a friendly spirit reminding you not to smoke,Meike,take heed and take care!D.

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Hi farmerD, I gave up smoking over 9 years ago, and I am pleased to say I have never wanted to smoke again. And this pesky spirit will not change my mind lol .

Hi Meiki

Simply ask the spirit of the deceased to stop smoking while he/she visits you. Welcome with love but set your boundaries and make it clear that it is now your home and you do not allow smoking inside it. Bwe firm but kind and very clear withouit hesitation or doubt.

Hi hallentine47, I will try the next time it happens

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