Ear !!

almost forgot to give you Guys/Gals a laugh on me, went to PC World this afternoon, did the necessary, been sold a wrong bit of kit, but Too cut a long story short I decided to go to Tesco's on the scenic way home, Guess who got it wrong :) muggins, went in one end of the village, came out the other end, and still somehow managed to do it all again. The only saving grace was There's a pub :O and Boy did I need The little boys room, but Nin was Happy lol, She got five minutes off, from a white knuckle ride HeeHee!!!


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  • Life can be such fun!!!!!!! :) - hope you bought Nin a drink :)

  • Toooo! right, Double Smirnoff And Diet Coke, No ice in a slim Jim. :O , and I drank Jim's, Till we got Home, then we had some fun with the Bottle that was in the fridge, err! or was it the Pimm's that was in the drinks cooler lol :) :P :)


  • ho hum ho hum :)

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