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Back again

Hello, if there's anyone out who remembers me, It's canalchris here, Just when you thought you'd got rid of me, ha ha.

Thi s is a bit of an update since I was last on here, Me and Lilian and the dogs got back from our winter in Portugal last April and headed back to our canalboat home ready to clear out the majority of our possessions ready to put her up for sale, however the dealers who insisted that at 22 years old she must be just about on her last legs and about to sink, therefore be just about worthless, got me so angry that we decided to have her lifted out of the canal for sandblasting and repainting below the waterline. Lovely surprise to find that apart from a small number of shallow pittin gs to the steel, she is in remarkable condition, so much so that we have decided to keep her and sod the dealers.

Any way Portugal had the beneficial effect that we were hoping for, so much so that I am writing this post once again from the campsite at Olhao where we are again on our motorhome, this time for seven months. I had started to deteriorate in the U.K again. I am convinced it has something to do with the traffic and the amount of pollutants pumped into the air day after day. We have just managed to sell our house in England so only have to be concerned with boat and van now.

Will say Tara for now, byeeeee.

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Lovely to hear from you Chris and so pleased that things are good for you right now. Keeping the boat may turn out to be a good thing, as who knows what the future holds. Portugal again...jealousy. x

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I was brought up on the canals as my dad was a boat painter (roses and castles and sign writing). We never had a narrow boat though as we couldn't afford one, however dad would sometimes negotiate a weekend or two in leiu of payment!

Have a happy time on your boat, the future sounds exciting :)


Hullo, Chris. I am around and very pleased to read your news. Good to know that the air in POrtugal is so good for your lungs. I have moved to Hampshire earlier on this year, and noticed a vast improvement to my breathing although not perfect. All the very best from Pergola xxx


Wow Chris in a motorhome in Portugal hey? Very nice and I will be coming to join you. It is nice to see you again so don't be a stranger now will ya? :) x


Fantastic to hear from you! So glad you are well and heading back to the warmth for winter. Good for you - how exciting life is! Pleased to hear you are keeping the boat - never a good idea to burn all your bridges. Have the best winter in the best of health, love and good wishes to you xxx


Lovely to hear from you again Chris and what adventures you have been having! I am very jealous and so is Pete. Glad that you are doing well in Portugal and try and send us some photos when you get the chance. All the best to you, Lilian and the dogs. xxxx


Wonderful to hear from you, its good to know all is going well for you and the family!, Portugal sounds great, we're planning on visiting the cork woods for a little break, stay well CanalChris and Lilian and doggys! huff xxx


Enjoy every moment! :)


Nice to hear from you again Chris. :)

Typical dealers trying to rip people off I see.


Hi Chris,good to hear from you again! Soo glad you kept the boat! Good to hear you have found what suits your health!

Love to you & Lillian,keep well xxx


Great to hear from you and very interested to hear your health improves while in Portugal I am moving to Spain next year for exactly this reason,I feel great while I'm there but when I come back to the weather in England it doesn't take long before I start to feel poorly.


I'm so thrilled you made it back down Chris.

I missed this post of yours so delighted for you. I'd been a bit worried.

Yippie. . . . I'm off to stay by the Med in South of France for 3-4 of the worst winter months for a trial. Me and the dog :)

Have a wonderful winter. Peege x


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