Andrea Corr: IPF took my mum so quickly

Do you remember The Corrs? They had loads of hits, including the number 1 single 'breathless'.

Andrea, the lead singer, sadly lost her Mum to IPF 15 years ago. She has written a blog about how her mum never saw in the new millenium.

"It still actually shocks me, writing this now, how devastatingly quick that was."

Read her story here:

2 Replies

  • A loved the corrs ... yep how could you forget

    Yer am sure other's too but they have gf wifes .. have to keep sweet BUT dont say out

    Yer on serious note is very sad as is any loss is .. Speaking of loss and quick i hope i get sepsis really than lungs tottaly giveing up

    Gives me willies this hole parlised gasping businessnes .. eh who would ever want lung diease

    Anyway was nice cerlebrites surporting good work #BLF #LungUK do

  • Thanks for posting that Kevin. :)

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