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Well I am home from hospital now. Life isn't looking so bright anymore. Due to my 2 GP's treating me for COPD for the last 14 months and refusing to consider any other reason for my SOB, I have now been confirmed with heart failure, left and right ventricul and it's severe. No treatment available for right sided heart failure and the prognosis is if I am lucky I might have 12 months left to live. GP's are marvellous 'NOT'. Feeling very angry now, thanks to the GP's I will be one less drain on the NHS soon.

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I'm so sorry to hear it PeterK1 I don't know what else to say to you Hugs Hugs love Bliss xxx

PeterK1, my arms are around you and my thoughts are with you, for what there worth.xxxxxx

I am so sad to read your post Peter - how difficult for you to even comprehend, no wonder you feel angry. Take good care of yourself, TAD xxx

I'd be feeling bloomin' angry!!!!! I am sooo sorry this has happened. It must be soooo confusing and scary for you. Wish i could do something to help you, but know i can't I send my very best wishes and urge you to keep letting us know how you feel, how you are, etc. .. you have lots of people on here that care.

Oh I am so sorry Peter. B........ doctors, they are all a waste of space. Wishing you all the best. x

Thinking of you Peter and so sorry about your failing health. I just hope you can get some help and the right treatment may improve your outlook to a degree. Bless you. xxxx

So sorry to hear your bad news Peter,words can't express how I feel for you,don't give up though,look for some treatment from other Doctors if possible,big hugs xxx

That must have been a tremendous shock Peter, the heart diagnosis and that it is so advanced. No wonder you feel so angry. Hope with the help of the doctors you can be treated correctly, relax and take each day as it comes and do what you feel like doing. Will be thinking of you

Oh Peter, I can't imagine how you must feel. What a horrible performance by these drs. I hope they can figure something out for you. I wish you all the best and will be thinking of you. Let us know how you go. Big hugsxxx

Dear Peter

I am so sorry to hear your news sweetheart. It must be so hard to get your head around this. Please keep in touch with us - we are all here for you.

Love and gentle hugs


Peter I too am very sad and sorry to hear this awful news....but don't give up. I myself have had many wrong estimations of how long I will live

When a teenager I was told I might not reach 30 ( diagnosed with severe Bronchiectasis at 12 yrs old)

Then when I was 40 I was told my life expectancy was 60

I can tell you I am WELL past 60, and still going

I often hear of people given 'dates' that they well exceed

I do so hope this will be the case for you too

Lots of love to you Peter from

Sohara xxx

I am stunned, it must have been hard writing the post. My heart aches for you and your family. Stay strong.

Kindest regards


Hi Peter. What a shocking state of affairs. I am sure that at the moment you are far too stunned to feel anything much except anger. I hope that you are going to be able to ask your Practice Manager for an explanation of this terrible misdiagnosis. Regards Rib

Hi Peter. I was in the very same position as you 9 years ago.

I was lucky enough to have a transplant 9 months after I was told that I was in heart failure.

Now I feel great,has it been mentioned to you about transplant.

Kind regards. Peter

If it's any comfort to you my husband also had congestive heart failure and was given by various pundits between 6 months and 2 years "if the drugs worked" - he survived for eight years, and if he'd done what I do and taken the natural remedies he could be here still! It's not a decision you can make for another person but I only take one prescription drug on a regular basis, a sleeping pill and I'm still walking around on a pair of hips that were condemned in 2005.

I thank you ALL for the kind caring replies, I will try to keep my anger in check and stay positive but I saw a consultant yesterday and hope dwindled. I need a double transplant he said. Heart and lungs but because I had/fought and beat cancer last year I can not go on the transplant list until I am clear of cancer for 2 years, he says my heart will never last that long, so I figure it's game over and no extra time, there maybe a few penalties scored in shoot out but I think I already lost this match.

Dear Peter, don't be like that ehhh! I know easy to say, but remember lots of people have had predictions from doctors on how long they have to live and have outlived these predictions. No one can give you a prediction on your lifespan- not even the big guy above will give you that. So do what you can: stay healthy, stay positive, talk to your doctors LOTS (I hope they are keen to make up for their blunders now!!) and follow their advice. They may start doing assessments soon so you can go straight on the list at 2 year mark and you never know they may pull some strings for you after all.... Thanks for letting us know how you are going and keep in touch. Best wishesxxx

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