my first drink with my son

I was reading an articale last night about fathers and sons, and memories came flooding back of the time I took my son out for his first pint. Off we went to our local pub which is only two streets away from the house. I got him a Guinness. He didnt like it, so I drank it. It was the same with the Stella, he didn't like that either, so I drank it, it was the same with the fosters and the cider. I thought maybe he likes whiskey better than beer. So we tried a few of those. He didn't. by the time I decided he just didn' like to drink. I could hardly push the pram back .home

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  • lol hahaha brilliant. Rib

  • Hahaha laffin Hahaha......So funnnyyyyyyyy hahah!!

  • :D :D

  • That was good had my hubby laughing at that one. X Sonia x

  • So funny.x

  • very good lol thank you xx

  • Nice one Malk, That reminds me of my lift home after my stag do, well I couldn't drive could I so my mates pushed me home in a Tesco's supermarket trolly down the side of the Malverns. Think we set a new speed record that night for a shopping trolly. :)

  • Ya dallo done afew of them in my younger days.

  • Lol. I fell hook, line and sinker for that one Malk. x

  • Your an easy catch then casper .

  • Lol. So true Malk7, my cheeky partner, who sadly passed away almost 3 years ago, used to tease me about my gullability. He claimed I needed watching for my own safety. Haha.

  • Sorry to hear of your loss casper, how you keeping now with your health ? expect you have stopped the cigs then !!

  • Yes, I managed to stop in February with the help of an ecig. I'm still using it but intend to stop that too as ASAP.

    Healthwise, my main problem is Fibro and a rediculously named Undifferentiated Tissue disease. It was initially diagnosed as RA, then changed to Lupus and finally this.

    Apparently, it can change into Lupus in the future. It's having a far worse effect on me than the copd - so far. I'm in constant pain and feel absolutely stiff and drained all day. It's really getting me down. Still, there are people far worse off than me. But, I'd give anything for a break from it.

  • brilliant malk :D didnt expect that, at the end ha ha,,,, jimmy

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