absolutely knackered

have just come in from the garden . the wife has dismantled the runner beans, pulled up all the weeds and tidied all the garden up. I have sorted out all the tools I can no longer use in my shed . have had daughter come over to take me and the dog for a walk , well the dog walked, im on me scooter other wise a 10 ft walk aint very long . I am whats called a superviser now . cant do a lot but do try . very trying the wife said , ha ha . shall be sorer than usual tonight . keep on breathing .

4 Replies

  • keep it up I would be lost without my scooter

  • Sounds a very productive day on all parts . X take care Sonia x

  • If a jobs worth doing then it needs supervising I always say :)

  • Take it easy now and just be a good observer. Works for Pete xxx

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