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My father has severe pneumonia


Hi everybody

My father, aged 90, is in hospital and has been diagnosed with severe pneumonia. This was news to me until yesterday and we've already visited him twice. He has been very poorly for at least 3 weeks - but he was messed about by his doctors - 'mild' infection I was told and that it was safe for me to visit him (I have moderate copd). I think this is a case of 'after the horse has bolted', but I am very worried about whether I can or already have caught this. I have not had the pneumonia jab yet (my surgery told me it wouldn't be available until February). I'm going to keep away from the hospital over the weekend - but there is a real chance that my father might not survive, because of age, co-morbidity (he has heart failure and problems with kidney) and lack of nourishment in his body. I am hoping that, if I were going to 'catch' this, I would have shown symptoms by now. I had blood tests for a different condition and had results yesterday - everything came back normal, so I presume I have no infection at the moment.

Does anybody else have any experience of this?

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I should that, although my father's been poorly for at least 3 weeks, he's only been in hospital since Wednesday. I've visited him in hospital twice - though only briefly - no kissing and plenty of hand sanitiser - but, before that, I visited him at his home several times.

jenss in reply to frankie42

Hi Frankie, that is a really tough one. Pneumonia vac covers only a few strains, so even if you had had the vac your dad may have a strain that is not covered or your immunity may have not have developed as predicted. You should be able to find out about the strain he has from the hospital ? I think you are doing the right thing when you visit him: take all precautions you can to protect yourself. Maybe consider face mask and/or some of the Vick's First Defence Nasal Spray? And of course be vigilant about looking out for symptoms. I hope your dad recovers soon. My very best wishes to you allxxx

I'm very sorry to hear about your father and will keep him in my thoughts. As for the Pneumonia jab go back to your doctor and speak to the nurse, I was told the same thing it wasn't available my nurse told me she keeps it in her fridge all year, because they don't change it like the flu one.

Kim xxx

I had the same my mother had pneumonia and I kept my distance and used plenty of gel before during and after my visit. I have been warned that a bad infection could be bad news for me. I was fine and I do think the careful use a regime of my visit helped.

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