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COPD Social group in the Bristol area

Hi to anyone with copd in Bristol. I'm trying to start a social meet up group to avoid winter isolation. It's more about socialising, having a good moan (if we want) and having local support (and yeah, I know my username's notlocal!). I'm doing it through a free app called Meetup (Apple store and Google play) but if you don't have a smart phone feel free to pm me here. On the Meetup app we're Bristol COPD Connect. Please ignore the first meeting date, their calendar thingy wouldn't let me leave it open. It's all very open still so bring any ideas you may have. Bob

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Isn't there a Breathe Easy group in Bristol?

Regards Rib

Yeah, there is but I'm not really interested in the Breatheasy groups. I'd like it to be less centred around copd and more social, maybe meet in the evenings. Maybe even have a drink! Or not - a bit less formal in any case.


Oh! Right. Sorry. I thought the idea was to attract COPDers. I had the idea that the Breatheasy might be a good place to meet and sound out interested parties. Good luck. Rib

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The idea is to attract COPDers but there are other ways of doing that. Thanks...

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I wish you were local to me as my breatheasy group is very clique and unfriendly. Stopped going for nearly a year now. Good luck with it. x

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Many thanks coughalot. I wish you were local to me too!

Well I am only about 100 miles away! :) x

I wish I lived in the Bristol area. I'd go to the meetings just to have some place to go. :D

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Hey DD, like your profile. Maybe do something similar where you live?

Hi notlocal, Wahooooo! I think it is a great idea to have a positive social group for people with COPD. Yes I think the BLF does a great job, but mostly Breathe Easy groups don't do it for me! Way too negative and not active enough por moi.

Hopefully I will be exploring warmer parts of Europe this winter if possible and may be I can catch up with you in the spring?

Meetup.com is a great way to attract folk in and if anyone local ( or not haha!) would like to come to our Laughter clubs in either Cheltenham or Gloucester, then you are welcome. It is FREE! Yay! meetup.com/www-forestyoga-c... , tho very sorry it is not suitable for folk with acute heart issues. If you can walk briskly for 30 mins then you are welcome. My brisk walking is bit less brisk as some others, but at the moment I lead the clubs and it is so healthgiving.

So may be see you soon notlocal...Way to go..Yay!

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Lol..walk briskly for 30 mins..in my dreams! Good luck with it Polly and keep laughing. Have a good winter..

Ahhaaaaaa, well there is brisk and then there is brisk! laughter yoga can be done sitting on to chair and laughing carefully and we can still benefit......I have moderate to severe COPD and still benefit from doing all I can and I do really appreciate that some folk are not as fortunate as me......

Lots of laughter yoga on YouTube for you buddy........for folk who would like to take a look

Wishing you a happy and breathable day .:-)

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I would be there too x

I would be there x

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Hey H, how's it going?

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