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I would be interested to hear what settings people have on their machine. mine is setting 3 at the moment but since being discharged from hospital after another exacerbation it doesn't seem to meet my needs on this setting. My next specialist appointment is at the end of October when I hopefully I will be reassessed.

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  • Setting 5 at the moment but it is now not enough for shopping. Fine for driving, could drive all day. Fine to bring me over 90% when I sit down after shopping, no good for shopping though, will be calling my Respiratory Team next week. These nurses you can ring anytime and discuss over the phone, they will amend the prescription there and then, do not have to wait for the clinic.

  • Bit different here in Spain Alan we don't have respiratory team just the Gp's and numerologists. Thanks for the info though I am really struggling just walking to my car and it takes awhile to recover before I can drive off. Are you on oxy 24/7?

  • Yes, apart from a few minutes per day when changing pipes to go upstairs to bed.

  • I can retain 90% + when at rest but as soon I start to move about it drops like a stone getting to the car is a chore and I have to sit and wait to recover before I drive off. What ltrs are you on your home machine?

  • I am on 4 lpm which at rest keeps me 93-95%. Off oxy at rest it hovers around 79%.

  • I'm on a 75' line from oxygen generator to Me. 4 swivel connectors. I'd die if I weren't. You shouldn't stress Yourself like that changing pipes. :) I set My liters on 2.5 - 3.

  • Hi

    You can expect slight fluctuations due to short term breathing issues.

    For ideally Ambultory assessment you will have been clear of any infections for the previous four weeks, not always possible, be sure to mention at time so appointment.

    On my last one I had a breathing episode on car park. Managed four of the six minutes, adequate for purpose of test.

    But there was a slight drop to 89%, at there suggestion and after they had spoken to my GP I have been prescribed Oramorph, my next test is October

    I am on 2lpm and use my one POC Airsep Focus, only works on 2lpm.

  • oh blimey.....mine was on 6 in the hospital then 4 when i came out then they put it to 2 then they put it to 3 now im back on 2 and when im doing stuff my sats can go very low and be in the 50s which scares the life out of me, when im resting im around 84

    i just dont get it

  • I am with you Mandy I just cannot get my head around it as to why sats drop like a stone at the slightest excursion scary stuff.

    Even eating a meal can now be a chore I have to it very slowly.

  • Go up to 3 liters & slow down. You can't do as much as You used to do even if You feel like You can. I used to keep a spotless house. Now I can't run the vacuum without a struggle to breathe. :)

  • ive had to get a cleaner in and it was one of the hardest things ive ever done having a stranger in my home doing that

  • Mandy, that sounds way too low. If they set it higher would the extra oxygen make things easier for you ?

  • yes i can get like that too so i always take my meds just before my evening meal

    we dont get much in life now i will be buggered if im going to let it spoil my food when i actually have an appetite x

  • i have problems with my c02 so raising my oxygen can get me in deep trouble im just sick of the whole thing to be honest x

  • After my desaturation from 94 to 78 on the 6MWT, i was told I'd have to go on ambulatory oxygen. That was on Monday and then on Thursday, because my blood gases were good, the decision was put on hold. Those rapid desats are horrible and now I'm being very careful to take things slow and easy, which seems to help.

    Snook, is there anything they can add to your meds to help your sob ? I'm sure the extreme heat hasn't been helping so hopefully your sats might improve when it gets cooler.

  • I do hope so as I am really struggling at times.

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