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ups and downs

hi ya . I got turned down for accessment for lung transplant . because I had had possible angina 10 years ago . I had first angiogram 10 years ago whitch said I had a servere to moderate narrowing of one of veins in front of heart , then I had one 8 months later witch said I had moderate to mild narrowing . so my lung doctor said I had better see his mate the heart doctor . he showed us the results I just printed we didn't know before as they didn't share information then like they do now . well he said to have any chance of getting on list . I have to have another angiogram . so on Tuesday I go for pre op accessment I will find out date of op there and then . so I am really pleased I am having angiogram but I am now scared of what they find . the ups and downs do my head in , I must be a night mare to live with ,at least writing on here gets it out of you system a little bit .

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Tobydoo, in my prayers and thought. The anxiety of waiting is horrid. What a great thing we can come on here and support each other.......Hope between now and Tuesday you are able to relax, sleep and be at peace.


oh god honey i know where your coming from i wrote a post myself about the roller coaster ride this brings..... x x x


Hi tobydoo , I'm sorry ur in this position , it must be awful not knowing all the time, seems to be a common problem with our illnesses. Fingers crossed all goes well for U. Take care x Sonia x


Good luck Toby,I can understand waiting is horrendous,but time does fly eventually!

Fingers crossed xxx


Praying for and thinking of you

Big hugs xxx


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