DBAGMan Strikes again!

Went to Tesco today parked in the BB Bay and in a row of 8 BB parking bays were 3 non displayers!!!!

All got a ticket and after I put the last up and got back in my car a young lady got out and saw what I had done then another young lady with a baby got out and I could see them say to the driver "That car has got a failure to display ticket that man issued it!" I kept sill in the car watching and the ladies went down the path to the store and the driver backed up and looked for somewhere else. I felt so Proud :)

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good deed for the day done offcut I just hate those people who park where they want regardless

Well done I went to renew mine today as I was told its taking up to 8weeks to complete as it's all done in London

do not forget if you have a holder that you have to make sure the plastic is not covering the hologram.

Thanks I am using plastic holder they gave me so I presume it's ok

Ah you would think so but if the hologram is covered then they cannot see it is a hologram? also they say that the sun though the plastic can upset it in some way? No Idea what!

Sun thro' the plastic heats everything up and the hologram sometimes stick to plastic......

Urgent information from the Department for Transportabout Blue Badges Wallets

When using the Severn Bridge in August, I was required to remove my Blue Badge from its wallet. Both the operator and myself found this very difficult to do because it was stuck to the plastic. When on a ramble, the wallet on the dashboard is often subjected to very hot sun and this seems to make it stick, so I no longer keep my Blue Badge in the pocket of the wallet.

I have a metal security one and cut the corner out of the perpex were the hologram is

Think I will take it out of the holder when displaying it too be on safe said Take care off cut


Outrageous lack of consideration. You did good DRAGman :) :)

Well done, Offcut.

all power to you - they should be ashamed.

Hi offcut, I got my BB the other day off the council, but cuz I'm younger than lots with a BB the looks I get when I park up makes me laugh, I either get a look of whats wrong with u then ( maybe I shud wear a badge lol ) that I'm using my parents or grandparents badge. I just smile and walk off ( slowly ) x Sonia x

Funny thing I had to go to a cash point today first thing and parked in a Disability bay more or less opposite and and an elderly man said as I was about to get out of the car "I bet it is not his?" My Joints have been really playing up this week so I got out and hobbled to the cash point for him to then say " Maybe it is?"

To be fair I have questioned if some people are just using some else's badge!

I saw a large white van parked in a BB bay today! He was reading a paper! My daughter struggled to park where I could get out of the car as I'm on crutches. Sick of it to be honest, so a massive pat on the back from me.

Even before I had my BB I used have a go at people that just parked there for there own arrogant needs

I'm going to send you some superman undies to wear over your pants!WELL DONE

Please tell me where at any Tesco's , Asda etc car parks, does it say that you have to display a blue badge. It doesn't. The bays are allocated as disabled but there is no signs asking you to display. A similar thing with shop issued parking tickets. They aren't enforceable by law and so you do not have to pay them. You will receive two or three letters and then hear absolutely nothing.

Tesco deliver my shop now, but for years I parked in their BB bays without displaying my badge. In London you are very likely to have it stolen from such places where they know you will be away for some time ! As you say there is no requirement and sadly people will always abuse them.

My BB is in a metal slide with a thick perspex clear cover (corner cut away for the hologram) this has a hole in it and I have locking steel rope that loops though my steering wheel and stops my BB from being removed unless it is unlocked. Had it for years now as I would be lost without my BB now!

ASDA, Morrisons and Sainsburys in my area have signs stating that the badge must be displayed.

However you are correct on private car parks you are issued an invoice for breaking their terms and conditions and can only be enforced in a court.

My tickets state:

Please display your disability badge. This facility has been kindly provided for the use of those that are in need of this space because it is close to the premises.

If you are not a holder of a Disability Badge then you are not showing any consideration to those that are not fortunate to be in good health or mobility, and should be ashamed of yourself for parking here.

Which I feel is a fair comment. From what I have seen 90% that do not display do not have one!

Be Well

Trouble is people who haven't got a BB cannot read those words of consideration, so they think they don't need to be considerate! GRR!

Well done Offcut, I wish there was someone to enforce at my local Morrisons, I quite often see non-displays there. The worst however id the local Health Centre, the overflow park is about 100 yards walk, so you get the lazy b*ggers who will not walk and so they park in a BB bay, challenge them and you either get threatened or "well it is only for a minute while I pick up a prescription".

When I tweeted all the main Supermarkets they all said bring it to the customer service desk if they are not displaying?

It really makes me sick to hear such inconsiderate comments. They won't bother to put themselves in the disabled person's shoes.

Good on u Hun, myself who is dis and my friend also who drives go to diff supermarkets each week and allway display the badge,it's only right isn't it,we both have breathing and mobility issues,il Deffo look out for non displayers in future

I saw on the TV today that a local council near me is doing a BB blitz and checking all of the cars Badges. Last time they did it the caught 37 people using them who should not of! Fraud etc.

So you should offcut, that is one heck of a service you are doing :)

Well done Offcut. Hear there are going to be more people checking misuse of the BB bays in our town on the run up to Christmas which is good news. Misuse can result in loss of a persons BB rights.

Good for you.

Offcut, good for you , Batman. Be careful that all these ladies don't gang up against you. I know you are in your right (Learn some self-defence!)

I was a 3rd Dan Karate Instructor when I was younger and fit.

Offcut, Keep it up ... just in case!

Yay - l :D :D :D - keep it up!

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