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Dads still fixing me :) + 2 short Video's (Birds and Hereford cows), not a swan in sight!

Dads still fixing me   :) + 2 short Video's (Birds and Hereford cows), not a swan in sight!

After a visit to my Dads today I returned home with a big bag of his home grown Tomatoes, cucumbers, and a bottle of a neighbors apple and ginger juice. He's building me up the best way he knows to give me a better chance of surviving the possible lung transplant operation in the future :) . While I was there I made a couple of videos, one taken through his kitchen window of the Birds that entertain him every day and the other while on my customary walk up the lane where I found some more friends, some Hereford Cows.

There is so much to see out there Healthunlockeders so keep um' peeled eh'

Tony. click the links and enjoy if you like your Birds and Herefords.

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Oh dear,it's pics like these,that do make me a tad 'homesick'

So glad that Dad's building you up,young Tony,he must be so happy & nervous at the same time.Like all of you I guess!

Keep smiling, xxx


You certainly keep your oxy supplier busy young man. I do so hope you don't have too long to wait for those new lungs. You deserve them with all the hard work you are doing to get the body in shape.

By the way what does child bride say about your obsession with birds? I know you only show us the U version of video. :P


Dozy :) x x x


Hi dall, another lovely pic, can't beat British countryside, picturesque. X Sonia x


Made me think of the poem. By WH Davis - what is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.... He was a tramp I believe. Lovely video.


"No time to stand beneath the boughs and stare as long as sheep or cows" love that poem. Thanks Tony for your delightful photo and videos.


Your Dad is my Hero ,can we share.The cows are gorgeous lovely big brown eyes.


I think I'll hire him out, Dad for a day and make a fortune, mind you, you can share him for free jeanie. Hope the move is going well. :)


Aw thanks Hon,not moving till next year but really excited only down side i wont see my grandkids as much............actually dont know if that is a down side lol x


PS hope all that fruit and veg is keeping you in tip top condition.x


what a beautiful quintessential English village :) love the little birds - can watch them for hours but think I would have been a bit nervous if it was me when that bull took an interest in you :)


Great Videos Tony. We stopped at the Speech House in the Forest of Dean, many years ago. Is this near you? Also we sailed from on The Oliver Cromwell from Gloucester Docks to Slimbridge, Great few days. I guess you have been there? Love Mx


Hi sl, Up until I fell ill 4 years ago we used to go cycling around the Forest of Dean on the old mining railway tracks. It was safer without having to worry about traffic, the bikes are still hanging in the garage waiting for me to get fit again and I have toyed with the idea of hiring an electric bike from 'pedal a bike a way' and seeing how I get on. The Oliver Cromwell comes up to Upton occasionally for the festivals they have there but I've only boarded it for a pint while moored up. I've never traveled the Severn below Gloucester docks and its something I should do as I enjoy walking around Slimbridge wildlife sanctuary also.

The Speech House would be about 25-30 miles from me but its a road we don't travel very often so I don't know it but I googled it and it looks lovely.

It sounds as though you had a pretty good time staying in the forest hotel and sailing down the Severn, you have also sown a seed for the river boat ride down the Severn. Thanks!

Glad you enjoyed my 2 short country video's taken from and near to my Dads. :)

Tony x


Your dad is lovely to be looking after you like that. Love the pictures as always Tony and wishing you well for the future. Keep as strong as you can and good luck to you. xxxx


I'm very lucky to have Dad keeping me well fed with his home grown produce. He knows eating well will increase my chances of getting through the transplant operation so he's on the case.

I think the video's were worth a post, especially for those who can't get out much like I can, so I can bring some of the things I see to them with the help of my little camera and technology.

Thanks sassy xxxx

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Lovely to see a slice of rural life Tony. Brought back a few memories of helping on the dairy farm. Used to go out in the field and call the cows up for milking - a mixed herd with a Hereford bull who had only one thing on his mind, lol.

Could spot the house sparrows in the vid, maybe a couple of dunnocks but also blue tits and a hen blackbird? I bet your dad (bless him for looking after them all) has many more species of birds come his way. Thankyou for sharing xx


Lovely! so enjoyed that, thank you :) xxx