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Just a quick follow on from my previous post about flu jabs. I couldn't get an appointment at my doctors till mid December and didn't want to risk it especially as I was supposed to be on a priority list (no such thing at out GPs lol).

Anyway I have now found that ASDAs pharmacy are doing them for £7-£8.00 and I think well worth it. You just phone your local ASDA which has a pharmacy and book it.

It seems a better choice than moaning that I cant get it done at the GPs and be pro active ha ha.

Good breathing everyone/


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It's good to know Asda does it. Thanks for that Pat. x


Sainsburys are also doing them at £9 dearer but depends which one you have near you! Have mine at surgery on 2nd October! Keep smiling

Carole x


Morning pat, phoned my surgery yesterday and they are starting on the 8th October with flu jabs, asked if I could book mine got In straight away on the 8th. And yes I agree I think it's great that asda are doing them, but as a priority ur surgery should book u in ASAP. X Sonia x



This is the NHS flu jab site. I have not had the standard you must book an appointment this year for the flu jab but booked anyway wife and I having ours next week.

Be Well


I,m confused,been a lot of posts about everybody booking flu jabs!I have always been sent an appointment for mine each year.Have they stopped doing this everywhere or just some areas?I,m usually at the tail end but can,t remember when I normally have it.Do I need to phone the surgery does any one know?


Id phone the surgery FD, if i were you. My surgery sends out letters asking you to make an appointment, i thought most did.

As its so important Im glad ppl can get them from supermarkets if they can't get an appointment at their surgery but it doesn't seem right - yet another way enabling privatisation.


Good for you nannypat. Mid-December is really well into the flu season so not much use. You should have been able to get one sooner with your GP but that is how it goes sometimes. Stay well. xxxx


I walked into my surgery, and was approached by a lady sitting at a table making apts for the flu jab. And no charge either. Decided that my wedding annniversary would be a good day. xxxx


Hi Nannypat1947, that's a long wait if you are classed as priority are there no other options without having to pay?, even though I agree it is a small price to pay for peace of mind. We have a walk in clinic that also does them for none registered patients, plus a few chemists that do it by appointment however the chemists do charge a fee. But guess the option you have chosen is better than the wait and risk. Well done for using your initiative where your health is concerned.


Further to the above conversation I would contact your surgery FarmerD ASAP I usually get a letter but did not this year, however after I had booked an appointment I got a text message to phone for an appointment ASAP, from the NHS health site. Hope this helps your decision.


Hiya everyone, I thought I would just add that our local surgery was taken over by a Private firm last year and since all things have gone to pot. Being in a village too it is now really dire and they now tell me our Nurse has gone so no one to monitor us COPD/disabled patients till they replace, which is whenever they get round to it. I am so lucky I can drive and when things are bad I have family but there are so many residents who don't have this and there is no where for them to go it just seems so unfair.

I have decided to write to my local MP and tell him of all that has been going on since this takeover and see if there is anything that can be done but it seems that money talks more than patients, what a shame and how on earth did we get into such a mess lol.

Anyway have a good day everyone.


To have to wait that long is outrageous Nannypat. Its obviously worth getting it at Asda if that's the only way you can get it as its so essential for us but flu jabs should be part of our free NHS.

Im lucky with mine but so many surgeries are under terrible pressure since the Health and Social Care Act came in. If people have the energy they should complain to their surgeries especially to the Patient Participation groups all surgeries have if they can't get a flu vac at a reasonable time. Its not a question of moaning, rather patient power protesting that we don't want the NHS to be privatised, and that is what you are being forced to do - get a private vaccination.

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Had mine done on Monday 22nd Sept, went surgery for my INR check and was asked if I wanted it done there and then, that's that done with for another year, just wishing wasn't having such a bad reaction to it round inoculation site really red and angry.


Sainsbury's are doing them for FREE if you have certain health conditions, COPD being one of them. I am booked in for Monday.


Thanks for that info - I am lucky, my surgery does them each year - a friend of mine is having trouble getting one. You are right, I think they are well worth £7/8. Thanks again for passing on the info. :)


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