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96 year old exerciser with lung disease

I initiated an "information share" for those with lung disease who want to discuss exercise yesterday and 6 people showed up; we have named ourselves "the movers"

one member is 96 years old

I am not getting messages from this group anymore but will try to correct it

you may write me at ronpetersonperson@yahoo.com

ron Peterson regeneratinglungs.com

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Hello friend ! A very good move bt the Movers indeed .I'm from India and not in a position to attend but would love to know about the activities of the Movers . Take care ! My e-mail ID gurugbmani2008@gmail.com


I am about to start going to a gym where someone is going to encourage me to do the "COPD" exercises that they taught us at the Rehab clinic....having chronic bone pain ad spinal fractures tends to keep me from wanting to exercise, but I know I must make myself do something. Good luck with the Movers.


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