operation with copd

Hope someone on here can put my mind at rest,I am waiting to go into hospital for a operation on my spine.Although I am concerned about the op I am more concerned about how my copd when I come around.The op is on my spine behind my neck,aparently it affects the voice and swallowing,not so much worried about the voice.Can anybody put my mind at rest as im sure a good number of you have had operations with copd.Thanks so much.

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my mum had surgery with copd and she was fine

i know there are member on here who can give you there personal experiences with this so hang around x x

I don't think you have many worries spaniel the hospital you attend will know about all your problems (CO-Morbidities) anesthetist's these days are very well trained and they will asses you before deciding on which anesthetic to give you. Or in my case not to give me in short they would not take a risk and would only use a local in recovery they put me on a nebulizer despite me taking my reliever and spacer with me. The only fear should be what is natural IE: will it go well and will I wake up from the anesthetic in short silly things but to the person real and genuine questions.

I read your post with interest as Pete is to have a spinal cord stimulator fitted sometime soon and has to speak with the anaesthetist to see if he is suitable for a general anaesthetic or not. So far he has always had local anaesthesia so we will see what happens this time. I am sure you will be very well cared for and any precautions will be taken. I do wish you well and hope the operation is a great success for you. Take care xxx

Anaesthetists are highly trained these days and they will assess you very well. Try not to worry and wishing you the very best. P x

Thank you all for your replies,just want to get it over with now so I can get on with my life.

You will and you will

Big hugs xxx

I had lung surgery with copd Spaniel. I was ok & you will be fine, Mx

I have had 3 heart procedures all under local and I found it all fascinating! These are usually done under general. I am sure that they will fully walk though what happens at the time and afterwards. Make sure you write down what you feel you need answers for and keep asking until they tell you all you want to hear.

Be Well

The anaesthetist will explain it nearer the time I expect ,if not ask them to,they will put your mind at rest.Good luck with the operation you,ll be fine! D.

Having recently had an operation with general anaesthetic I can assure you you will be fully assessed by the hospital theatre staff if you have COPD and monitored closely on return from theatre many people have local anaesthetic these days, if there is any doubt about your health they will delay till it is investigated. Every best wish for a speedy op and good recovery.

I haven't had surgery, but as long as your doctor has informed your surgeon of your medical details I would try not to worry. I think they will take extra special care of you because of your illness. I send lots of good wishes and hope your surgery goes very well. :)

Thank you all for your replies,You have put my mind at rest,

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