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noisy concentrator

my machine is so noisy its now vibrating like mad . they have {b o c } just been round to service it . I said to engeneer its a bit noisy he said its one of the quietest one his heard I said he mush be bloody deaf . he doesn't have to live with it all day every day . cant turn it off can I . well I, do I just use our liquid oxygen it means they have to refill mother unit more often. all asked him about a 12volt portable unit . he said they are really expensive , they wont let me have one just to go fishing on me mates boat .

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Hi there, I sympathise with you regarding noisy concentrators. I am on 5lpm when at home and have to be attached 24/7. Because of my litreage I have been given 2 machines which link togetheThe combined noise is so loud but I am lucky to have a spare room to site them in. I wouldn't like them in my bedroom trying to sleep. Trouble is we can't use our spare room for anything else, as it is too noisy! It has been re-named the oxygen room!!

I know my provider has machines that go up to 8lpm but I'm not allowed one because I have enough space for two. They are keeping the 8lpm machines for people who have smaller spaces/ need more than 8lpm. I can see their need is greater but the company should invest in more 8lpm machines.

When I went on holiday to a hotel they provided me with an 8lpm one as it was to be in the room with us.

I don't think yours should be vibrating though, mine doesn't. I was told it would be noisier on hard flooring and if it had to be on wood, tiles or vinyl, to put a rug under it to dampen the sound.

I use my cylinders when my tubing doesn't reach. It seems to work and they don't mind changing them whenever - I like to think I'm keeping a man with a family in a job. Such a nice man from Baywater changes mine.

I am, sadly, on too high a litreage for any kind of portable machine but I wish you well. Don't let it get you down.


oh im with you guys on this the noise from them is like a toothache you just dont relalise how bad it is till you turn them off and breath a sigh of relief no punn intended :)


You could try using a vibration mat as it might be the floor that is amplifying the noise?

Other suppliers are available!

Be Well



Put the damnable contraption in another room behind closed doors and run your cord where you need it in the rest of the house.

Mines noisy as well and costly (it runs my electric bill up quite a bit), so I've started using my small portable tanks for several hours at night and whenever I go out somewhere shopping or such.


My biggest complaint is the amount of heat they generate. My room is like an oven after the concentrator has been on for a while, and being hot-blooded I prefer the cold and have had to buy an air conditioner to counteract the heat. Perversely I find the rhythmic noise quite soothing.


Mine is in the conservatory which requires heat in the winter to keep the frost out, for the plants. Now the heating is supplied by the concentrator so I do not have to pay for it anymore!


Hi I know what you mean about noisy machines I have put my one in a spare room with a 40 foot hose connected to let me go all through the house and I claimed a reduction on my council tax for the loss of the room. I also have a machine connected to the concentrator which can fill small cylinders which can last about 3 hoursat5l/m Most of the time I use DD or CD bottles with a conserver which can give me 3/4 hours at 7l/m, at the moment I have 8 bottles which I get exchanged without any trouble at all. Everything is supplied by my oxygen supplier with just a phone call. Keep trying they must supply what is necessary Bilko


one thing that I forgot you should get paid for the electricity that you use, this is worked out according to the hours that are recorded on the machine

Bilko again


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